Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well, maybe not so much overheard as actually said to me while trying to browse in a furniture store.

Vee got new pisses every Friday. You no see something? Vee got new pisses Friday. Vat you looking? I haf whole {incredibly ugly} set in back. You order. This leather vera nice. Touch this.

A word to the unwise. Leave me the hella alone! Grr and arg!

I told you I was looking. Does my handbag look big enough to stuff a robin’s egg blue sofa into it? Why would I WANT a robin’s egg blue sofa? Hmm? Why would ANYONE?? Could this be why there are no customers here?


Is anything more annoying than the store owner following you around BUGGING you. Does this WORK as a sales method? Sheesh! Where’s my vodka?


Ms. Anthropy said...

I despise annoying sales people. Arg and grr, indeed! Almost as annoying... not being able to find one, when I finally decide to purchase something.

Heff said...

Shopping rule #1 :

Find a store where the salesperson's dialect DOESN'T sound like "Vee got new pisses" !

lol !

The Empress said...

Yuk. I feel the same.

I can't help liking your blog so much. I keep coming back even though I'm so jealous of how great it looks and the feeling it gives.

I feel like closing up mine and starting over.
I'd really rather be blogging about this kind of stuff.

I should've thought it over more, I guess

Anyway: I LOVE the look of your blog. It is fabulous and feels more like what I'm about than mine does....maybe in the next lifetime...Ijust want to hang out here.

Daisy said...

GOOD LORD!!! That sounds like a furniture store in my area. You walk in (to "look") and there are a dozen sales people at the door ready to pounce on you. You say you want to "look" and it goes right over their heads and before you know it, you have a butt buddy showing you around the store. I walked out without purchasing anything one time because they were so obnoxious and promptly went to another store and purchased my entertainment center. I really hate someone being up my ass while I am trying to "look".

J.J. said...

When a salesperson tags along, I always say, "I'll call you if I find something." Put them on the spot and they go away. : )

Ca88andra said...

The only thing worse than being followed around when you don't want it, is never being able to find a salesperson when you do want them!

Deborah said...

Ms A - that's what always happens yes?

Heff - that could prove difficult.

The Empress - that is the nicest thing! Thank you so much! Your blog is great I believe.

Daisy - butt buddy! That is hilarious!

J.J. - this woman wasn't having any of that. Pup said my face was scaring him, but not her. Ha!

Deborah said...

Ca88 - It happens every time!

Marla said...

Is that not just stinking annoying on so many levels?