Thursday, April 15, 2010

Story from the Files

From the Dating Files - oh so long ago

This was written down shortly after I had my date with this guy. For some reason he reminded of Rocky Balboa. He was short, muscular, and just had that vibe.

Rocky e-mailed me last Saturday and sounded funny, smart, and interesting so when he asked for it I e-mailed him my phone number. We had a VERY nice chat; waaaaay too long, but witty, fast-paced, and full of lots of laughing. I loooooove calls like this. I am a sucker for them.

He called again on Sunday and upped his original offer of coffee to dinner. We agreed on Thursday evening. I was very pleased! I liked his pictures and his profile was well written and had some quirky moments. Not your typical profile-drudgery.

He called Monday; he called Tuesday, he called Wednesday. Frankly that was probably too much pre-talking. Mistake #1.

I met him at 6:30 last night in front of the entertainment area at the local large mall. He got there literally two minutes after I did. That was nice!

But, if he was six feet tall, then I have access to Oprah’s bank account. I’m 5’8” and even though I was wearing black boots with a small heel he still should have been taller than me. Nope.

We were seated and after ordering he started his “interviewing.” Asking many many questions and watching my face intently. He’s in sales and even though I work in a marketing department as well I wasn’t catching onto his technique at first which I do think was a kind of hard-sell thing maybe coupled with a little speed-seduction. Gaak!

It wasn’t a lighthearted, fun, get-to-know-you dinner like I was hoping we’d have. It was him trying to figure out how quickly he could score.

I maybe should have gotten a big clue when the first thing out of his mouth when he saw me was that I had a “nice ass” and that he has met very few women he’d bother going on a 2nd date with. I think I was supposed to feel “blessed” that he was considering a date two. Blerg.

He fired questions at me rat-a-tat-tat. Questions like How many guys am I dating? Was I looking just to have fun? Why would a grown woman want to play games and not have sex with a guy on the first date if she was attracted to him? On and on.

At one point he said he was looking for a long term thing and he didn’t want me to hurt him. WTH?

He would compliment something about me then zing in a little uncompliment. Nothing harsh, but just enough to let me know I shouldn't think I was all that. I even became a little defensive at the beginning.

I clammed up finally and he wanted to know if he had offended me. I think I stammered a denial. Crap!!

He just was an arrogant-ass.

I stood up to leave, grabbed my black leather coat, and walked out of the pub.

I heard him calling after me, but I skittered away and lost him in the parking ramp and when I had finally locked myself into my car my phone rang. It was him. I thought he might be calling to apologize for being such an ass-hat. Nope.

He said, “Uh . . . I think you have my coat.” Yes! I had grabbed his black leather coat by mistake. THUD and damn.

So much for my graceful exit. I had to drive to his damn SUV and exchange coats. Oh I soooo wanted to stop and toss his damn coat off of the top of the parking ramp.

I didn’t even say a word. Just drove off after the switch.


Kim D said...

This story is hysterical!!! The coat thing...soooo something that would have happened to me!! :)

Thanks for sharing!!

R. Jacob said...

so, ya wanna go on a date or someting?

Heff said...

"NOTE TO SELF : Deb writes things about her dates...."

deb-oh-rah said...

Deborah gets a lot of positive comments, mostly from men but some women take note also, about her butt. ;-)

Marnie said...

The coat thing would have happened to me too! Nontheless, you were smart to leave.

A man who is confident and actually has a personality, does NOT need to compliment and then dish out an uncompliment. He is insecure and uncomfortable with himself.

You deserve better :0)

Ms. Anthropy said...

Funny stuff! Mind you, I wouldn't want to be the one experiencing it.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, now THERE'S a kodak moment. And what an a**. (not yours, I haven't seen that in person :-)

Eve said...

I can't stand arrogant males...but I do love your humor :-)

Cheers: Evi

Christina Lee said...

ughhhh...and then the coat at the end! thanks for sharing!

Deborah said...

I can't lie - I am very glad I no longer have to date.

But I did get to meet my dear hubbins.