Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's on My Blackberry?

I've been thumb-deep into learning more about social-networking and I have to tell you it's a bit overwhelming out there! Hashtags! Twitter chats! Promotion! Website launching! Editing! Figuring out . . . well . . . figuring out EVERYTHING!

In addition to my new position with Pup and I are expanding the family biz so I've been designing logos, creating and editing the website, making temporary biz cards for the Pup, doing some acquisition, garnering new clients (I've brought in quite a few! I am totally patting myself of the back - see how limber I am?).

When I come up for air I stumble into the Big Room (still in love), turn on that 60 inch monstrosity that I have grown to love so much, and watch me some trashy TV (I am in love with Storage Wars right now - LOVE!).

In the past couple of days I have learned the art of the nap. I've NEVER been a napper and I've had a few now with varying degrees of success. Insomnia seems to be creeping up to the better range. Yay!

Maybe my split-decisioned mind is sleeping better in self-defense! I've said it a million times; older brains can learn, but they need extra fat and flourish to get there. At least mine does.

It's amazing I can still learn. It's amazing when I do learn. I can't believe what I'm learning right now! Kinda exciting. I'm hanging on for dear life and kinda giggling while terrified. Overstate much?

Meanwhile, I was perusing my photo folder on my BlackBerry and have discovered that I mostly take photos of meals. We eat out a lot. And I eat eggs a lot. I love taking photos of my eggs. WTH??

I was out to eat at The Bad Waitress (love!) and saw this guy. I love Minneapolis.
Little DK helping me study.
A Kong toy. A Kong toy after George had at it for about 45 minutes. No lie. I should send it right back to the company, but hey - who was I trying to kid? That dog is a machine.
Pup with Calvin. Calvin lays his arse down on Pup's keyboard every night. Kinda hard to earn the bacon when there's a pork-arse laying right on you.
This shot is more for my Bella. I think one of her white squirrels has moved into my neighborhood. I've seen his little scampering body all over! Every day!
New shoes for my retail job. Holy Hannah - why is comfort so darn ugly?? I had Shelley-Belly in stitches cuz I kept referring to my feet as 'little platypuses.' I don't even think I know what a platypus looks like, but this has to be close. She said it was the fuzzy socks. I feel 12. Which is okay because sometimes I act that way.
Owl sighting! I don't want to carry this bag necessarily, but how spiff is that?
Soup and tea. Trust me, this is one of dozens of food shots. Who wants to see my food? Oh wait! Look at my arse. That's where it is.
Daisy! In a pin! We were selling bunches of pins like this. All different. So cool. I bought a bunch and used them as bows on some presents. Pin Love.
That was my week!

What were you all doing?


Jaggerfan1 said...

Awww, that cat is so cute!! I love little kitties!!!

Anonymous said...

Kong toy destroyed? Wow... we have had 4 rottweilers over the years and never had one destroyed. I'd recommend sending it back to Kong company as well.

Love the dude on the bicycle. HA!

Sarah said...

Figures Georgie would kill that kong toy! He's a maniac. Maybe you should repurpose the toy into a burglar deterrent:

"If this is what my dog can do to an 'indestructible' toy, imagine what he'll do to YOU when you break & enter?"

And you can have Whitey--we just want to keep our Ghost Face Killah and Blondie squirrels. They're almost like family now.

silvergirl said...

cute little pins
that owl purse is SOMETHING, i don't know what, but it is something lol

Ms. A said...

Haha to the bicycle! How the heck does he get off and on that thing and what happens when he has to stop, does he fall over??? Love all the photos and glad you are brave enough to tackle learning new things!

Not So Simply Single said...

I know how you feel about social networking... It is like you must run fast just to keep up....

Good luck with that!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures!

So. Cal. Gal said...

Love the kitty pics. You know what I mean! Sheesh.

The guy on the bike wouldn't last too long here. Someone would get jealous that they didn't think of it first and run him down...or they might just run him down anyway. ; )

Karen said...

I love your shoes, they're adorable. As is the cat, and the owl bag, although I wouldn't carry it.

Kelley said...

Ha! Such fun pictures. Is there really a white squirrel in your neighborhood? That would freak me out.

David L Macaulay said...

quirly pics and post - yeees food does seem to dominate somehow

Samantha Cole said...

Wow! A fellow BlackBerry user..I recently purchased my latest smartphone, a Blackberry of course, more specifically the Blackberry Storm 9530. It has all these seriously cool features and applications. I love the camera resolution. These pictures are fabulous, by the way! Your pictures of your cat and the guy riding a ridiculously high-seated bike look awesome!