Monday, February 27, 2012

Eat Lots of Fat

Not a problem, right?

I had some ladies over last week and while I served some traditional foods (empanadas anyone?) I wanted to have some selections for those of us watching our sugar.

This wasn't the crowd for my efforts I have to say. But I sure enjoyed this particular treat the rest of the week and that's okay with me.


1 stick butter
1 brick cream cheese
both brought to room temp
mix with 1 cup of your choice sugar sub

Drop onto sheet in small dollops. Place in freezer. When frozen, place in zip lock bag for storing in freezer.


Couldn't be easier!

I've had this recipe for quite a while. I found it on a low-carb board I used to hang out on a few years back. Bunches of good recipes from all of those people. I learned so much.

My husband, Pup, isn't an eater. Not to say he doesn't eat, but he only eats four things (no exaggeration) so I hardly cook anymore which is kinda sad.

So when I do cook I make colossal messes in my kitchen. I'm unorganized and chaotic. I've lost my cooking mojo. That's okay; it all gets done.

But the pets are not used to me hanging out in the kitchen too much so the cat perched in his favorite spot to watch what the hell I was up to.
First I have to pick utensils. What is in here? Look at all the stuff I used to use! I'm amazed at my former skills. Did you hear that? I think I just threw out something patting myself on the back. Bad girl.
Yeah . . . it actually got worse than this, but I discovered it's really hard to take photos of your efforts while in the middle of them. Cuz I looked much the same as this kitchen.
Then there was this thing I had to pull out and figure out again. I'm half joking. Although when I pull out my food processor I do have to get out the instruction sheet to figure out the shredder attachments. Yeah.
Bring your cream cheese and butter to room temperature.
Whip these two ingredients until creamy. Then add your sugar sub.
Yep, Calvin has already lost interest.
I made a 2nd batch of clouds, but added cocoa powder and cinnamon to taste. Mmmm! That cinnamon is awesome! I dumped in lots to tell the truth. I like to call these Evil Clouds.
Dollop up a cookie sheet or anything flat and place them in the freezer. Freeze into delicious nuggets and then place in a baggie for frozen storage.
Seriously delicious. And incredibly rich. You won't need very many to feel as if heaven is calling your name.


T said...

Those look nyummy, Deborah. I may have to give that a try. BTW, are you allowed to have whey protein on this current diet/eating plan you're on?

I wondered what it would be like to add a scoop or 2 of whey protein to that, and then when you have one you're having a big shot or protein along with it.

I'll file this one in my need-to-try bin.

Your kitchen looks so pretty. Love the cabinets.

And're doing it.

Deborah said...

Dr Jack says that whey protein does spike blood sugar even when the carbs are low.

I've been researching hemp protein. Have you ever had that?

I love the idea of adding that to the Clouds.

Thanks for the compliment about my kitchen! I designed the whole thing three years ago already. I still love it.

Christine Macdonald said...

Note to self: do not look at yummy food posts before lunch. Soooo hungry now! =)

How was I not following this blog?

I am now. And your twitter, too!

I am @thatgalkiki

Missed you, sister!

Not So Simply Single said...

I fricking am having such a problem with my food these days.

Plus, I am tired, and all I want to say is "fu@k it!"


Will this self loathing ever end?

Sarah said...

Those were delicious!