Friday, January 27, 2012

Eating in a Chinese Restaurant

I have loved Chinese food all my life. Well, the type of Chinese food you can get in Minnesota anyway.

When I was in high school my friends and I would have lunch at the Minneapolis Nankin as often as we shopped downtown (often I have to say) and I always felt so grown-ass womanlike sitting on the balcony with a little delightful teacup and teapot sitting on our table while I ate pork chow mein and crunched on egg rolls.
Minneapolis Nankin 1958
The whole experience, every time, would make me feel seriously grownup and I would take my little paper box home with me and eat the leftovers directly out of the box like I had seen in movies shot in New York where all New Yorkers could order takeout (there was no such thing as Chinese delivery when I was in high school)

My momma loved to eat at the House of Wong in St. Paul (the website says Roseville, which is technically true). She and I ate there hundreds of times and when my girls got old enough I took them there with us.

I had a girlfriend when I was in my 20s and she and I would meet for lunch there every week. We both worked nights at the time and it was a great way to catch up and have leftovers to bring to work. In a little paper box.

When my mom was so sick back in 2004 I would bring take out from House of Wong to her house in North Branch, Minnesota on most Sundays and we would eat out of the little paper boxes. So good. Some really good memories for me now that she is gone.
Not much to look at on the outside, but awesomeness on the inside.
We still go there and now it's Pup and his momma I drag with me. Momma Betty loves her some chicken chow mein and Pup is a big fan of their turkey dinner. I know, I know. He isn't a fan of Chinese so Momma B and I are happy he has something to eat when we go there.

Last night Pup, Momma Betty, Lorenzo, and I headed out. It had been planned for a week or so, but I was thinking all week, "what will I order??" Let's face it, Chinese isn't the best choice when you're starting a new and whole food approach to your eating.

I poked around the menu a while and found that egg foo yong isn't a bad choice at all. Made of mostly vegis and eggs it seemed perfect. I had a bit of rice along with it as well. Stayed away from the fried rice (which I'd arm wrestle you for normally).
Came away from the experience with a full tummy and a guilt-free mind. And a little paper box.


Jaggerfan1 said...

You're killing me here, I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove Chinese food, as I also have a Chinese restaraunt near me too, called Win wok. God, I freakin love this place. If it were possible to live on Chinese food, I'd do it!!

Anonymous said...

Having leftovers to take home in a cute container is the best part of eating out. Looks like a super yummy meal!

Heff said...

I love Chinese food too, but Donna ruined it for us in our area.

China Yan had a buffet.

Donna would go in, and totally fill her to-go plate with SHRIMP ONLY.

They finally caught her and said....."Yoooooo NO COME BACK !!!"

True Story.

Sarah said...

Mmmmm.....Egg Foo Yong!

Bummer B & I missed out on last night's outing.

silvergirl said...

i don't eat chinese very often but i do love it sooo yummy

Ms. A said...

I've not very experienced with Chinese food. I've only eaten at a restaurant once or twice, many years ago. We do takeout occasionally, but I always get shrimp and fried rice. Yep, I'm pretty boring.

T said...

Egg rolls. Give me egg rolls and I'm happy as a 'coon in a corn patch -- oh, yeah, make that crab and shrimp egg rolls!

Deborah, your post reminded me of a story my nail tech shared with me recently. We have a local restaurant called Taste of Asia, very popular place in town.

She and her older brother took their mother there for dinner one night, and when the waiter arrived at their table to greet/take their drink order, he says to them with a smile, "Good evening," to which "Momma" replies, "Buenos noches."

My friend kicks her mother under the table and shoots her a horrified Look of Death.

LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Love momma's heart!

Not So Simply Single said...

Damn, I am from California and they have the best Chinese. Maui's Chinese food sucks. Wish someone would open a decent place here...

Save me a place and I will join you!

So. Cal. Gal said...

I love Chinese food...egg drop soup sweet and sour anything. :P~~~

We used to have a restaurant a few blocks away and I always loved going there for my birthday (mostly because they didn't sing 'Happy Birthday'). It's now a karaoke bar and I don't sing.

Shabbygal said...

That looks delish! I love chinese. That is sweet you such fond memories of you and your mom eating together! Isn't it funny how we tie certain memories to food? Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment! Traci