Monday, February 13, 2012

Come On - Tell Me!

Where do you find your fitness inspiration? Come on and tell me over at Grok and Roll. I need to build an inspiration wall for me to read every day.


Anonymous said...

Everywhere. Just look around the internet and the world around me.

Ms. A said...

If you find some inspiration, lend me some... I've got none!

Shabbygal said...

Well right now i have none since working everyday painting and building stuff I'm sore enough from that! I wish I had it where do you get yours? Traci

So. Cal. Gal said...

I have the inspiration (making transferring easier) but not wanting to move kinda ruins the motivation, know what I mean? lol!

T said...

Feeling/looking the best I have in years keeps my inspiration lit and motivates me to be my personal best.

It inspires me when others in my world see me as a fitness icon for older women (or even men) and will approach me regularly for advice and direction. That both flatters AND inspires me...and I just do my best at "keeping it lit," hopefully.

I'm inspired by all people who take their health and fitness seriously, who are proactive about it, and who "wear it well." It's contagious, that passion!

silvergirl said...

right now my fitness inspiration comes from just getting a shower without sounding like i have run a marathon lol
pulmonary infection be damned!!