Friday, February 10, 2012

Hot Men Friday

Josh Duhamel
So pretty.
I love how he works out right where he is. No fancy-pants equipment needed. I once saw a photo of he and Fergie doing ab work right in a park. Brilliant PR I must say!
I do get a douchebaggery feeling about him, but who cares? I'm only lookin' after all. We'll let Fergie handle his douchbaggeryness.
In fact, she may be the reason I have him on Hot Men Friday. smooches!


T said...

Agreed! HOT.

Love the hat shot in the park .... mercy me, lookin good.

I tend to gravitate to the more casual, rugged, rough-on-the-edges shots of hot men, it seems.

Not sure what that says about ME.

And Fergie. Goregous/glamorus/gifted! LOVE her. AND her music.

Deserving of each other.

Thanks for the morning eye candy. It's less fattening than the edible kind. :)

Jaggerfan1 said...

Wow, what a hunk! Where do you find these incredibly hot men?

Ms. A said...

Douchbaggeryness aside, yep, he's pretty hot!

Not So Simply Single said...

O M G! YES YES YES....He is my favorite!

But I understand he and Fergie are last I wrong? I thought divorce was in the air...

Oh well, I was in love with him on All My Children....and haven't quit drooling since...


So. Cal. Gal said...

I think Fergie is better-looking than he is...although, he does have a nice smile.

What's his name? lol!

Marnie said...

Great choices! Eye candy indeed :0)