Saturday, February 25, 2012

Leptin Reset

I'm a fan of Jack Kruse and have been following his confusing and confounding posts for several months.

I first found him on Paleo Hacks (a great resource for Primal/Paleo information) and now am a devotee. I might not always totally understand how he says what he says, but the more I read and study his stuff, the more it's sinking in. I hope.

I can't explain it all, but he has a protocol I've tried in the past, but gave up way too quickly. Today I am giving it another try.

One of the steps is eating a large protein-filled breakfast within 30 minutes of getting out of bed.

So, of course, I'm having my beloved scrambles with sausage and spinach. Mmmmm!


T said...


I've read about his approach and it makes sense; fascinating. I'm curious, on the days you have the BAB, do you find it helps you eat less over the course of the day and control sugar cravings?

Keep up the good work, woman. :)

Deborah said...

T - yes to your question. When I have a very large breakfast I (and this is saying a lot) do not think about eating until dinner time.

If I start feeling like I need something (you know, not hungry, but, "I need a treat!", then I have some green tea, or take another l-glutamine.

From what I've read about the protocol, when I've actually reset my leptin I will feel less and less cravings for the sugar.

Here's to hoping.