Monday, February 6, 2012

Dirty Little Secrets

I've had the secret-things-girls-do conversation with friends and family in the past. The weird little things we do that we may or may not want anyone else (read - men) to know about us.

Of course, most of that flies out of the window once you're married. At least when you're married to a man. It's hard to keep the veil of mystery intact after the first time your husband sees you peeing. ahem. Not that I would know anything about this. ahem

  • I don't shower every day.
  • I eat an entire bag of Doritos. Every time I eat Doritos
  • I daydream. A lot.
  • I like my alone time. A lot.
  • I sing along with my iPod. A lot.

What's your secret? Come on; tell me! No one is listening.


Anonymous said...

Oh no no no... uh-uh.... You are NOT going to get me to tell my secrets. Nevah evah. LOL

Sarah said...

You already know that the Big B & I don't have many barriers left! We broke the pee barrier early on and after that it's all downhill.

He has learned to his sorrow that when I offer him some chips from the bag when I first open it, he'd better take some then or he won't get another opportunity because I'll scarf them all down in 5 seconds flat.

Karen said...

If I even attempt to leave some of the bag back in the closet... I'm thinking about it constantly until I got back and polish it off.

As for the rest of it... YEAH RIGHT :-)

deb-oh-rah said...

I'm a procrastinator big time. At home, work, everywhere, all the time.

I LOVE macaroni and cheese. My whole life. I try to resist -- not possible. Pizza is a close second.

My husband has never seen me pee. There has to be ONE place you can be alone, private.

Ms. A said...

Hubby and I shared the bathroom, early in our marriage. That was decades ago. I don't need help, or spectators, to pee, poop, or bathe. He accepts my quirks and still chooses to stay married to me. I allow him the privilege. LOL!

silvergirl said...

I love to sing and dance around the house with the music full blast!!
I watch rediculous television shows
And I make cookie dough, eat what I want & throw it out. I don't really like cooked cookies
Shhhh don't tell

So. Cal. Gal said...

I don't shower every day either. Mostly because I don't DO anything to get dirty.

I also like my alone time - a LOT.

But, in the 8 years I've known my guy, I have NEVER peed in front of him. And vice versa, thank God.

That's what keeps us going (no pun intended). ; )

T said...

This could go on forever, my secret telling. So I'll just hit a few highlights that come to mind.

I like to skim the top layer off of a brand new carton of icecream before anyone else does AS SOON AS i GET IT HOME FROM THE GROCERY STORE while it's begun to melt.

I eat all the M&M's, an entire bag, every time. The big bags!

I don't let ANYONE see me pee. No one.

I hide food that I don't want to share in very strange, unsuspecting places in the house.

Watching a sunset is very close to the equivalent of orgasm for me.

Two donuts are a mere appetizer; that's only getting started.

I spend far too much time daydreaming.

I fantasize occasionally.

I need alone time far more than most people in my life realize.

Bingeing is something that is out of my control at certain times of the month and I therefore refuse to offer excuses for that compulsive behavior, but I do tend to "hide" while in a full-blown binge.

I'll stop now...

So. Cal. Gal said...

T, don't take this the wrong way...but I love you. Uhh, I mean your list. Yeah, your LIST! Swearsies! ; )

Sara Louise said...

I really like to be alone. And there are far too many little things I like to do when my husband isn't around to mention... except I will say that that's when I eat stuff that I really shouldn't... I'd kill for a bag of doritos right about now

Sally said...

I've just enjoyed reading the comments. LOL

Not So Simply Single said...

If you lived in Maui, you would shower every day... So sweaty here.

Hm. Dirty little secrets... I fake orgasm. Alot.

I had a threesome.

Three times actually.... woman, man,woman, twice and man, man, woman, once.