Friday, June 22, 2012

Who Are You Redux?

It's Friday! And it must be my birthday! Yay to the birthday week.

We're having a BBQ at our house tonight with the kidletts and their respective boys and I'm very excited.

However, I met with my BBF, Reechie, last night for dinner and cocktails and look what she found for me for my birthday.

Could he be cuter?? His little eyes light up at night. I swooned and screamed a little bit right in the restaurant. See that woman looking at me? Ha!

He is already sitting on the deck outside the big room. I can't wait to see his face tonight.

And, just for good measure, this is the card she got me.

Not that I've done this mind you. ::looking at floor and shuffling foot about::

Have a great weekend hooches and have a cocktail and wish me happy birthday!



Karen said...


And I love owls too, that one is a cutie!

Happy birthday to you!!!

deb-oh-rah said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!! That owl is cool! We'll see you in a couple weeks and I'll have a present for you. And a fun time too. :-)

Ms. A said...


So. Cal. Gal said...

I hope you had a happy one, Deborah! I'm not into owls but that one sure is a cutie. And that card? HAHAHAHA! An out-of-state friend and I always try to get each other the raunchiest cards for our birthdays.

Marnie said...

Happy Birthday Deborah!!! I LOVE that owl and the card! What a hoot...

T said...

Just now getting caught up with life since returning from FL. I missed your birthday!

Hope it was a happy one. Precious owl! More precious friend.

Ironically, we stopped to shop a bit on FRIDAY, and I saw an owl that made me think of you. On FRIDAY.

So. You WERE in my thoughts at least.

Loved the card! LOL

Sara Louise said...

Hope you had a fantastic birthday!

Deborah said...

Thank you everyone!

T - I love poking around in places like that!