Sunday, June 24, 2012

Time for a Cool Change

Come for a ride with me?

 I bend over to see what is floating across the floor.

Oh, of course. It's a dust bunny. Ironically, the size of a real bunny.

"How does that manage make me feel like a bad housekeeper," I ask myself? "Surely, even Martha Stewart occasionally has dust bunnies floating across her floor, yes?"


I'm feeling transient. Restless. Maybe even edgy.

No reason behind any of it. It could be insomnia related. I'm certain that the brain has a hard time with insomnia. After, perhaps, six or seven days of four or so hours a night there isn't much left up there to help cool my hot head.

That's what I need! A cool washcloth placed over my restlessness. Like your momma would do when you were feverish. That cool cloth on your forehead with your momma's hand pushing it into place always made you feel like you were loved and safe.

The house is very quiet and still. The dog shuffles towards the back door, looking at me as if to say, "What the hell; I'll go pee if you really think I need to."

Yeah, I think you need to.

I step outside with him. It's lovely! The sun is just showing its yellow sliver - giving a huge clue what's ahead for this Sunday.

I bring my coffee up to my lips. Sip it and smile. Yep, Everything feels better with a cool washcloth.

Rock and sock it today my hooches. Summer is just beginning!


Ms. A said...

It's hotter than blue blazes here and we're keeping an eye on potential storms, that could morph into hurricanes. Ironically, the current one is Debby!

Marnie said...

We've had some really warm weather here too. Keep cool!

T said...

Hot humid weather always makes me "edgy."

The cool damp cloth. It reminds me of those hot clammy summer days of my youth. Very little breeze. No AC. Just floor and window fans. And a cool damp cloth.

David Macaulay said...

What's a dust bunny? Sounds sort of sinister

Karen said...

I has finally cooled down here in Connecticut... and any house that doesn't have a few dust bunnies is to sterile for real life living.

Not So Simply Single said...

When we are hot at work, we roll a wet washcloth with some ice in it and put in on the back of our necks. Does the trick in a pinch.

Also, soaking your feet in icy water while watching the TV can cool you down...

Martha Stewart is an anal bitch who wouldn't even think to have a dust bunny.... just saying.

Deborah said...

I wasn't talking about being hot - even though I always am hot! The cool compress on the neck sounds like just the thing I need!

I do love all of you guys and David cracks me up all the time.