Monday, June 18, 2012

What's on my Blackberry?

Let's take a look at the past week or so. Follow along and laugh enjoy!

Pup and I, along with my sister and brother-in-law, took Barnabee (my dad and step-momma) out for my dad's birthday. Fogo de Chao - where the steak comes hot and often and the boys stop smiling only long enough to say, "Yes! I'll have more!" We seriously love this place like teenage boys love their dirty socks. Apologies for the thought. Some of these things just pop into my head and have to come out somewhere. :)

I went shopping for flowers (finally) and for some reason needed to take a picture of myself. I'm so cute! I'm so kidding! I'm sharing because I rarely take a good photo and when I get one I hoard it like I hoard chocolate.

One of my oldest friends was in town helping her parents downsize to an apartment. They have lived in their lovely house in Highland Park, St. Paul for 56 years. 56 years! Christine and I went to a pub I used to frequent when I lived in St. Paul a few years ago and we had the best time arguing, talking, crying, laughing, and just marveling at the fact that we've known each other since high school. And yes, we act so high school. Love it so much.

Look at all the stuff that Christine's momma, Mrs. M, let me take home. Oh the love and she PROMISES to call me when they have their garage sale because it will be full of more spiffy stuff. Oh I am swooning just thinking about it.

Yes, the cats were hiding because I play my music way too loud during the day. Just look at their disapproving faces! So bad.

These are the regular types of photos I get of myself from my camera. My arms are either not long enough to get my whole body, or I am obsessed with my bubbies and feet, like so many of us. Us being bloggers. Not anyone looking at my bubbies and feet.

We had GNO at my house Saturday night. Our theme was French! We had French food (those are French hamburgers minuscules délicieux. From Julia Child's cookbook! I love her so much since everything is dripping butter. What's not to love? Mmm and numm! I think I had a few gin and tonics before I took these shots. Which explains a lot. (I'm certain French girls drink those yes?)

We dressed French. The best was my peu adorable Shelley-belly. She looked just like Audrey Hepburn. Alli-baby and I both thought pearls and a scarf tied around our necks was French enough. I abandoned my scarf immediately since it was hot as hail that evening.

So much fun. The girl-talk was thick and sassy. The things you learn!

Frozen grapes as ice cubes. I am the best Martha ever. Don't look at me like that. I have my moments.

Shelley-belly made dessert. Mmmm and nummy.

Big-ass breakfast the next morning to clear my head of the gin. Hollandaise!


Anonymous said...

Hubby had a tripod when we met 15 years ago and I've put it to a whole lot of use capturing 'self photos'. That last photo of the breakfast had me salivating... yummo!!

Karen said...

I am LOVING all of this yummy OMG FOOD!!!... And you are adorable, yes you are... my husband thanks you for the cleavage shots.

Frozen grapes!! Who knew!!!...

Ms. A said...

Enjoyed the photos! We used to freeze grapes all the time to eat. Using them as ice cubes is brilliant!!!

So. Cal. Gal said...

I'm loving your necklace...and the boobage! : D

deb-oh-rah said...

You ARE looking good! I am so jealous.

Deborah said...

This post was a bit (okay, a huge bit) self-indulgent, but it's my birthday week!

Thanks everyone!