Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Speak or Quell?

Get on your horse and ride.
~Marshall Matt Dillon


Complicated? Nope.

Long-winded? Nope.

Charmingly simple? Yes.

I am full of annoying advice. I had an argument with myself last week about just how annoying. My intent is always good. The antithesis of that line from one of Amy Winehouse's songs, "The message was brutal, but the delivery was kind." My delivery seems kind in my head, but brutal in its content.

As a blurter I have a long relationship with remorse.

I just thesauru.comed remorse. The note reads: Regret carries no explicit admission that one is responsible for an incident, while remorse implies a sense of guilty responsibility and a greater feeling of personal pain and anguish. Both of those seem a bit heavy-handed, but I am at a loss for a better word. My blurting sometimes causes me a pang, but is it regret or remorse? I have to think on that a bit longer.

Okay, let's go with regret.

Again - where am I going with all of this on this windy, hot morning?

I appreciate the early-morning ramblings that go on in my head, but harnessing this content is sometimes like herding cats. Good luck with that! Don't forget to write! 

Here's the thing, the thingy-thing of it all - if you say nothing, if you sit and observe with no participation, that's when you might feel a pang of regret. I should reword that to read, that's when I'll feel a pang of regret.

So! Say what you mean, but don't be mean saying it. (I stole this entire line from a reality show I confess with chagrin.)

And I'll get on that horse and ride.


Not So Simply Single said...

Personally, I like your advice...

Great new photo of you. You look fabulous!!

I would love to get on that horse and ride...

Ms. A said...

I'm not good at holding things in. I'm forced to say what's on my mind, or I'll explode. I try to do it tactfully, but it doesn't always come out that way and I can't count on them to have the ability to know what I'm thinking, if I don't tell them. So I do.

T said...

I tend to say it like it is, no sugar-coating. And I like to think that over time and with maturity, I've learned to tame the tongue with finesse and diplomacy, while still getting my point across.

Others may not agree. :)

BTW, I too love your new photo, woman. I'm sure you get this all the time, but you resemble Mariska. So beautiful!

deb-oh-rah said...

I quell until I boil over and spill it all out. It's a little overwhelming to the spill-ee to have maybe months'-worth of ills spewed out at once.

Not So Simply Single said...

My bio identicals are cream.

I was estrogen .5 and progrestorene .3.

They moved me to estrogen 2.0 and progesterone 1.0

Progesterone helps you to sleep. That is what the pharmacist said. I have a GREAT pharmacist if you want someone to talk to about this stuff.

Marnie said...

I understand what you are saying. However, I find that when I don't say something, it eats me up more. Sometimes it might come across as harsh, however if the situation is serious enough, harsh just might be needed. There was a situation just recently in my life where I had been very "nice" when talking to a certain individual, however they had mistaken my kindness for stupidity. I then had to get harsh with them...and then they got the point. They sulked for over a month, but now they don't bother me anymore...sorry for the novel Great post.

Deborah said...

Lisa - smooch smooch. I have to say; you are one of my favorite newer blog finds.

Ms A - that makes quite a bit of sense.

Tpretty - I have a feeling that when you speak advice to your peeps that they are listening. And thank you for that compliment! I have never heard that before! She is a gorgeous woman!

Deb - I know exactly what you're saying! The poor person looks back at me with a WTH face. ha!

Lisa - thank you! I'm on cream as well and we're working on the levels. One year! Still working! Just can't seem to get it quite right. I will not give up.

Marnie! - I have had that happen to me as well. Why do people do that? (think kindness is stupidity?) Then you have to put the hammer down yes?