Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Be the Cat

Toes need love too.

I wake with a headache.

I tumble down the stairs and flop on the sofa in The Big Room, pull the laptop onto my lap (what a handy name don't you think?).

I'm maybe in a mood. I'm not a fan of being in moods. You know I'm talking about a bad mood right? I feel the overwhelming urge to add a smiley face, but I'm too crabby.  :)

And the headache is still firmly in place.

I don't eat too many carbs and yesterday I was kinda on a carb-fest. Could this be my punishment?

I want to go to the kitchen and make myself some coffee, but the cat DK has already claimed my thighs as hers and she really feels so cozy laying there with her little arms shoved under the MacBook that is on my thighs.

I have lots of things to do today and don't really have time for a bad mood. What's up with bad moods anyway? They surely don't help the things I have to do today. They surely don't help any crappy family situations that may or may not have occurred yesterday. I don't want to be cryptic, but I am feeling cryptic.

Ironically I was telling my NP yesterday during my yearly how happy I mostly feel. Happy like an idiot is how I put it. She laughed out loud at the thought. Me being an idiot or me being happy? I'm not too sure! Ha!

Here's what I need to do today. Be the cat. Take a deep breath. Take a step back. Let family handle family. My headache won't change a thing. My crabbiness won't help a thing. In particular it won't help me.

I love all of them, but I'm kinda important too.

And I really hate headaches.


T said...

We're all crabby at times. If that helps to ease the guilt? Today will be a better day for you. I just gotta feeling.

Drink a bunch of water today (post carb up) to help expel the toxins and ease the headache.

I'm getting my toes done today too, Deborah. Yours look so pretty! I love the red. I'm goin a little edgy this time -- esp for me, I'm so predictably conservative usually -- and doing a zebra print with deep eggplant on the base, bright-bold fuschia for the stripes. It's beachtime, afterall. Be fun, no worries, and all that!

Wish I could take you with me.


Karen said...

Lots of water, great advice..

and crabby happens. Let it, and be done with it.

Family sometimes have to sort things out for themselves.. we can't fix everything, it is what it is, so let it be.

The coffee would probably help.. even headaches!

deb-oh-rah said...

Families can bring on headaches. Since I put a hundred or so miles between us years ago, there isn't so much drama. Much more relaxed.

But there are cons too -- like being 100 miles away from my long-time friends. :-(

Ms. A said...

I don't do cats, I'm allergic, but even if I did... coffee would have to come before cat, or the headache wouldn't stand a chance of leaving. The mood (for me) rarely leaves.

Anonymous said...

I am rarely crabby... can't remember the last time. And headaches? Don't get those often either so when they do occur it's a must that I go back to bed.

And yes. It's important to remember that you are important too! I'm glad you do.

Not So Simply Single said...

I totally get it.

My back is a reminder that I need to slow down and take care of myself.

Sometimes, I forget I am important.

Love the toes...

So. Cal. Gal said...

I want to travel again but I have to respect my limitations, as much as that sucks, so I'm forced to be the cat. I try to enjoy it but it gets old sometimes. I'm sure people would envy my situation...til the pain kicks in.

Shabbygal said...

Hey, we all get crabby! I have been for last three days now. Ready to get past it! Your toes look so purdy! I need mine done before this sat son is having a wedding reception. Can't have ugly feet in front of his new in-laws! LOL Tomorrow is another day! Smile, Traci

Deborah said...

T - those toes sound fabulously-forward, like you are. smooch!

Karen - thank you woman!

Deb - but we get to hang out very very soon!

Ms A - I know you say that all the time, but I never see it. You are wonderful.

Diane - you are adorable.

Lisa - I really hope that back is feeling so much better.

SCG - smooches baby

Traci - love the new avatar! Lovely shot