Saturday, October 9, 2010

Andy Pettitte Fallout*

I love my son-in-law.
*This post is in response to yesterday's Yankees post. Not all have the Yankees love.

He's adorable and he loves my daughter Sarah. I do believe he loves her more than football. Uh huh! Yeah! Go Vikings! He does love her like that.

When they first started dating and were all in crush-all-day mode, I adviced my daughter with gems like, "Don't text him back every damn text! He doesn't need to know you're sitting here waiting for his next text"! and "Once in a while, don't answer your phone! He doesn't need to know your whereabouts each and every minute"!

Um, yeah . . . that's going to work.

When The Big B became part of our fam and in the 'inner circle' we joked about my little pearls of wisdom. He once told me that it was a good thing Sarah totally ignored everything I said because that just wouldn't have worked for them.


Big mouth meet ass. Yes I am an ass. Yes I stick my nose in it. I really try not to. MISFIRE!!! Ha!

My heart is in the right place, but my mouth doesn't always get the message. It's part of my charm! Don't look at me like that!

So, yesterday, when The Big B read my blog (Pup was amazed that B reads my blog since HE doesn't even read my blog. Ha!) B was incensed by my Yankee-love.

Here are the texts he sent.

B: U r officially out as mother in law after reading ur blog today!!!!!!!! jk. But I dont like it! Lets see him do that against a real team huh!
Me: I can't help it! I would have liked it much better if we had kicked their asses. For real!
B: Sorry I MUST HAVE MISSED THAT PART OF YOUR BLOG! lol. Just having some fun with it. I wish to cry.
Me: I like the Yankees, but truly like it much better when we win. I mean it! I can't help it if Andy Pettitte is hot!
B: I just saw those pics and had to give u a little crap for it. Sarah said hes only cute though. :)
Me: Wah? Sarah doesn't want to Pett-itte?? (sorry, bad puns are my middle name) Ha!
B: lol. I thought it was funny.
Me: :)

The Big B! Love you baby-boy, mean it!


J.J. in L.A. said...

Fortunately, my mom keeps her mouth shut re: my man. The first time he met the family, a brother and he got into a (friendly) argument about...religion! This was 6 years ago, but mom still gives me 'the look' when my man comes over. She's lovin' him more and more though. : ) And no one in my family likes baseball. *gasp* We're a football family.

T said...


Too cute! Love this.

You get the MOTHER-IN-LAW OF THE YEAR award in my opinion.

You rock. Who WOULDN'T want YOU as a mother-in-law!

Love you, girl.

Deborah said...

JJ - your mom is adorable.

T - We need to ask The Big B. He might disagree! Ha!

Marla said...

A good son-in-law is a true gift, right? We have one too.

Great post!

Lo Lo said...

I loved this!! Had me howling at work- all the coworkers are staring as I type... ;)