Friday, October 22, 2010

Hot Men Friday

It's Friday? What happened to the other days? I'm certain I wrote and posted fascinating crap on one of those days. No? I've been robbed! Call the web-police.

"Officer, I KNOW I did SOMETHING interesting and postable this week. Excuse me? Is that any way to talk to a law-abiding zin? Oh - that got back to the precinct? Well, all I can say is there must be ANOTHER woman that shuffles about looking like she just lost her last brain cell. Oh - you have DNA? And affidavits from the annoyed? Okay then."

I got shushed in class this week. Well, not just ME, but three of us that were being a bit too entertaining-at-least-to-us. Oh the humility. I don't know one person on earth that enjoys being shushed. And I never understand the shusher. Do you enjoy the hate? Hmm? The three of us pretty much said STFU in our minds. After we did. STFU I mean. SHUSH!

I am pulling a solid C in class. A C! Testing is difficult - I take tests about as well as I give directions. The information is IN my brain, but I cannot figure out how to get it out. Arg and grr.

Today I'm going in early and Instructor is helping a few of us that want some help. The software we're using is seriously giving me fits. The other day Lyndsi was helping me and she just shook her head and said, "Oh Deb." Wah??

I'm laughing. And crying. But come on! What kind of software doesn't let you use a mouse?? F10 F10 F10. Tab tab tab. Arrow arrow arrow. Sounds like PC tyranny to me.

I miss my Mac! I'm taking it to the hospital next week. Finally. I've pulled some things out of its dead carcass. Enough said. I can't think about that right now.

So let's think about Simon Baker!
Gratuitous Pec-shot. Enjoy
Cute movie
Australian - check!
Thick, curly, blond hair - check!
Quirky nerd glasses - check!
Cold-heart-melting smile - check!

Nummsies is what I say. I'll bring these visuals to class this morning. Mmmm!


The Empress said...


haha, you're so funny. THanks for reminding me, I'm married, not dead.

Nice flavor this week. TY

Heff said...

I think he looks like an arrogant ASS, but that's just me.

R. Jacob said...

You have been slacking this week!
Oh the shame of it all...

Marnie said...

Sorry you've had such a rough week. Big hugs!

J.J. in L.A. said...

"a bit too entertaining-at-least-to-us"

Ahh, high school...thanks for the memories! We gave our English teacher fits because no one listened to her. Of course, she was an idiot (and the exact replica of a skeleton). We had soooo much fun making fun of her this time of year (Halloween). lol!

Good luck with school. I pretty much hated it til I got to college...and could skip classes without anyone paying attention.

Ms. Anthropy said...

I love thinking about Simon Baker! What a pleasant thought!

Ca88andra said...

Software that doesn't use a mouse? What idiot invented that? Ummm sorry, I'm just not into blondes :-)

deb-oh-rah said...

Actually, I saw Simon on Jay or Dave one night and he seemed to have a nice personality -- a good sense of humor, self-deprecating. The Australian accent threw me at first cuz I had only heard the American accent in TV/movies. Very cute. Mmmmmmmmm . . .

And yes, school. I enjoyed my college courses to the max, except when they involved stuff like statistics (I think I barely got a C). Anything to do with math, my brain cells kick and scream. Probably because I DON'T WANT to learn it. And technology is not one of my strong suits either.

Kelley said...

It's funny that you were talking about hot men after leaving a comment about hot college boys at Chili's on my blog. Ha! Trudat! BTW, some used to say my husband looked like this guy Simon in his younger years. Mmm, mmm, mmmmm!! :)

Joann Mannix said...

Good luck getting that information out of your brain.

I got the same reaction from my tennis instructor, kind of a, "look at you, you helpless thing."

And great pick. Another hottie. I just really love men. They're as perfect as chocolate.

Deborah said...

Empress - the day I stop looking I'll know I'm somewhere dark and forever.

Heff - Seriously? Arrogant?

RJ - I know, something is lacking on the slacking.

Marnie - thank you doll!

JJ - well, we were acting very high school. I really am a bitch.

Ms A! Hello!

Ca88 - well, it IS accounting. What can I say?

deb - Love that accent.

Kelley - Oh.My.God! That is nice!

Joann - I'll use a wedge. And a chisel.

Marla said...

He is darling. I am old enough to be his mother so...darling boy.

You would be a blast to take a class with!

Shabbygalsnest said...

He is adorable! Got it all going on. Traci