Friday, October 15, 2010

Hot Men Friday

It is the 40th anniversary of Love Story. The movie that ruined love for everyone and was the start of the genre of film, La Chic Flik. And all men have cursed that day ever since.

Because really Jennie and Oliver? Love means never having to say you're sorry? You preppy-bastards.

It is worth a watch IMHO, mostly for Ali MacGraw and what she was wearing. She was the girl we all wanted to look like. I sat in the theater with my boyfriend, Rick Ortenblad (We were total babies! Literally!) and cried and cried and coveted every outfit Jennie had on.
Not in film, but wouldn't you wear this dress?
She was also married to the coolest man that ever lived.
Future Hot Men Friday I'm thinking.

You could take everything she wore in that film and wear it today.  You'd look fabulous and chic.

And Ryan O'Neil. The thick, blond hair, the great lips, the bluer than blue eyes. Oh swoon! I swooned and swooned.
So, I debated about him being our HMF. He's a douche yes? Do we secretly like douches? Well, let's think about that for a second.

Yes, we do. Jeez! Pathetic. Many of you will deny, but the truth is there.

We don't want to like douches, but when they're pretty, well, it's easy to shove the douchability under their Gant button-ups. But don't marry a douche. Only look at him and swoon. Just a little. Ha!


R. Jacob said...

It seemed more like hot woman friday to me. Ali is so pretty, even more so in those glasses! She has that look that men give up everything for.

Steve McQueen? absolutely One of my heros growing up.

R. Jacob said...

The picture of her in that knit hat, so kissable.
I can see why you didn't marry Rick. Mrs Ortenblad? ha ha

Heff said...

Hey ! Show a RECENT pic of Ryan, lol !

Marnie said...

You can dress him up but you can't take him anywhere ;0) He was a hottie that's for sure. I agree with you though...a douche indeed. You're hilarious :0) Happy Friday!

Ca88andra said...

I watched that film many times and cried at each sitting. I think I would cry today if I saw it again. Both O'Neil and McQueen were hotties!

The Empress said...


This is HOT Men Friday.

NOT "good men" Friday.

You are safe and YES to the future HM being Steve McQueen.

The original bad ass!

J.J. in L.A. said...

Honestly? Love Story annoyed me. TOO preppy for my taste. lol! But Ryan was a hottie (back in the day, not so much now).

Anonymous said...

I saw the two of them on Oprah this past week. Did you know that Ali is now 71 years old? She lives in Sante Fe, NM and she looks so happy and gorgeous. I loved the interview Oprah did with her.


Daisy said...

They made such a cute couple. I cried at that movie too. Read the book and cried again. I can't believe she is 71! Boy do I feel old.

Deborah said...

RJ - She is kissable! And adorable.

Heff - No thank you! I didn't want to ruin my day. ;)

Marnie - Yes, he should stay home! Heh.

Ca88 - The movie is a great watch.

Empress - Steve McQueen! The ultimate hot man.

JJ - It was very preppy. She even call him preppy.

Di - I think she's gorgeous. I love how she looks natural and beautiful.

Daisy - I feel that. I really do!

Marla said...

I hated that movie and am not a lover of him but yes, he was cute. Douche bag.