Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blog Award - For Me?

Yes, the coveted birkin and the coveted hair.
 I have been graced with The Versatile Blogger award from Danielle over at Project Danielle. How adorable is this girl? Her blog is stuffed full of product info and insights from her busy busy life. She makes me feel like a total slacker with her working, mothering, boyfriend-wrangling, and schooling self. She manages all of that and her blog and a recent move and FINGERNAILS! Love you woman.

I am to share seven things you don't know about me.

Hmm . . . only seven? Or should I say - what haven't I blabbed about? Again, hmm . . .

  1. I am the slowest woman in the morning. It can take me two hours to GET READY. WTF? I can go faster, but then something will distract me and . . . forget it. TWO HOURS! I blame it on my hair. Oh - and my brain.
  2. I have the WORST hair. I am constantly on the search for the THING. The thing that will make it perfect. So far - nope. So I'll just sit here twisting it thank you very much.
  3. In my head, I could be an interior decorator. Except for coming up with ideas endlessly. And dealing with clients that might disagree with me. Oh - and knowing EVERYTHING design there is to know. One more - admitting there is style beyond mid-century modern (say it isn't so??).
  4. I have a lamp fetish. I stalk them like a criminal. I am mostly excited about our adding a den just because I get to find more lamps. Couple this fetish with a total aversion to overhead lighting. Could that be my age talking? No one looks good in overhead lighting.
  5. I'm annoying - oh wait - many of you know this. But I bet you don't know the DEPTH of my annoying. For real. Serious. Don't make me show you. Just ask my husband.
  6. I cannot get into an unmade bed. But apparently, webs hanging from the vaulted ceiling in our loft do not phase me. #lazymofo
  7. I also have a handbag fetish. Good handbags. I crave them like a junkie. Love the designer ones, but vintage creeps in there as well. I would change handbags twice a day if the opportunity presented itself.
Let's get this party started! I'm off to stalk a few lamps with a freshly chosen handbag. Confession - I'm carrying a white one right now because the weather is so fine! Don't look at me like that.


Karen said...

I hate getting in to an unmade bed too... it's just..not..right!

The bag thing...If I change my purse once a year, that's a big thing. I know you're cringing...

Danielle said...

White?!!! After Labor Day!!!


You're a bold one, mama.

My mom can't stand the unmade bed thing either, lol.

Marnie said...

The day has not properly started until the bed has been made...lol!! Congrats on the award :0)

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

we are dopplegangers @ #1, 2, 3 and 4.

i always take two hours to get ready. hands down. even if i'm making great time, something will get in the way. (let me just check my emails really quick...)

my hair is THE worst. until i burn the living daylights out of it with a hair dryer and flat iron, i look like charlie fucking manson.

mid century modern is the only style that counts. srsly.

i was JUST at a home store yesterday, playing imaginary "this lamp will go in the living room... this lamp will be perfect for my bedside table..." nevermind i live with my mom and she already owns enough lamps to light up texas.

J.J. in L.A. said...

I don't care whether the bed is made or not, as long as the sheets are clean. Priorities, girl! ; )

Sandra said...

I think we are twins who were cruelly separated at birth. Too bad because we could totally share lamps and handbags!

Linnea said...

God I am glad you blog. Only way I know if you are alive or not. hee hee.
The reason the girls bed looks so good is cuz she doesn't move when she sleeps. Seriously, I have a pic! Just slides on out and bed is made. Still do that?

Kelley said...

I love your blog! So glad you found mine & played Captcha Balderdash. I knew I had to follow your blog when you sang a little Stevie Nicks in the break room. Also, I am soooo with you on the overhead lighting. I will genuinely get irritated with my husband when he chooses to turn the overhead light on vs. a lamp. Right there with you, sister!

Ca88andra said...

I think I'm an interior decorator in my head too - lord help the world if she ever gets out!

Deborah said...

Karen - I would NEVER judge. It's a personal thing. I WOULD, however, totally help anyone buy a new bag. I LOVE doing that.

Danielle - I know! It's naughty. (not really yes?)

Marnie - Oh I agree.

Lucky Gun - Mid-century modern! The only good thing. Yes to us.

JJ - Oh the sheets are clean. You gotta know I'm a nut about that as well. I just keep forgetting about the damn webs way up there.

Sandra - yes to the handbag sharing!

Linnea - Well, in my defense I was about 12 and I knew the picture was being taken. And mom wouldn't let me sleep with my hands under the covers. ;)

Kelley - Stevie Nicks! I have a girl crush on her.

Ca88 - Let's start a biz!

Marla said...

#5 is what I love about you the MOST!