Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Socially Awkward

Pup and I went to see The Social Network last Friday.

I would recommend this movie to ya'll. I enjoyed it even though I do not have a Facebook account and, flesh willing, will never have one. Not being snotty about it, but I truly do not want another thing to manage online. And the stalking aspect of it is a little creepy. That's okay. I'm certain I will not be missed.

In the film, (and I'm assuming for real in life) Mark Zuckerberg is painted as a scary-genius type who is, also, socially awkward. As socially awkward as you can imagine.

In my life, I've skittered about from plugged-in socially young 'un to never-going-out young mom to friendly shop owner to biz-lunch woman to, now, unemployed hermit.

I've described myself as an introverted extravert more than once so I can marvel, from my introspection vantage point, a bit at our human condition. The way we can overcome any shyness we may be feeling by appearing in the moment and unfazed.

I kinda love that. I love being able to do something way out of a personal comfort zone and then holing up at home to lick the wounds that appear.

The human spirit - it's the new black. I'll wear it. After all, black is in my color wheel.

Where have you pushed yourself? How comfortable are you with being uncomfortable?


Heff said...

Facebook SUCKETH.

IT makes me uncomfortable.

Karen said...

I'm on facebook, I like it because I keep up with family and friends and most importantly check up on my kids.

I don't like to be uncomfortable. Yet I have managed, somehow, throughout life, to put myself stupidly in some uncomfortable situations. Go... figure. *sigh*

J.J. in L.A. said...

I'm not very comfortable with being uncomfortable. I have a stomach issue and, sometimes, it's gotten to the point where I've actually been afraid to eat.

While visiting my AZ bro last year, they decided to go out to dinner. We didn't eat til 9 pm (I normally eat at 6), it was a hamburger joint (hamburgers are greasy) and I wasn't sure whether they had a w/c accessible restroom (I'm paranoid about knowing where public restrooms are). AND they had country music (which I hate). ; )

deb-oh-rah said...

I am an introvert who has been portraying an extrovert for years. My past and present jobs, as well as civic and charitable orgs I belong to, require me to be out there playing the involved, contributing team member and sometimes leader. Uncomfortable situations, but I do it -- probably cuz I also grew up the oldest of four girls, which made me the dependable, responsible yes-girl.

I would love to be just a couch potato and recluse, at home enjoying my house, garden, the lake, crafts, my cat. A girl can dream, can't she?

R. Jacob said...

I have the feeling that most people are introverts who have managed to develop a stage presence around people when needed. This is not to be confused with different personalities. If being active on Facebook makes one happy, so be it.

Deborah said...

Heff - I think so as well.

Karen - that being said above, if my kids were younger I'd have to be on it for your reason. Although I know they'd find ways to block me of the bad stuff.

JJ - That wouldn't be good! Hugs girl.

deb - oh dear! Were you looking in my window? I swear I'm studying!

RJ - that's pretty interesting. We really don't know what's going on behind the face do we? Even people that look like they are ALL OUT THERE have stuff they do not share.