Monday, October 11, 2010

Sometimes a Great Notion

Chez Emerson

It is freakishly and wondrously hot here in Chez Emerson-land. I've been enjoying every second as it can change with the sound of the wind and, 'poof,' it's gone. This time of year is frequently called Indian Summer and a quick lookie into Wiki tells me nearly nothing. I'm certain in these tender and watchful times that phrase will offend someone, somewhere, but that is how I grew up identifying it.

Wiki says: An Indian Summer is a meteorological phenomenon that occurs in autumn, in the Northern Hemisphere. It is characterized by a period of sunny, warm weather, after the leaves have turned following an onset of frost, but before the first snowfall.

I'm not certain why it would offend since it is the most glorious part of the year. The time of year (and we don't get it every year) where the leaves are turned and turning while falling rapidly, the lower stance of the sun totally belies the air temperature, and you will see more than normal convertible activity.

Because, just like spring, fall is a precious time for us Minnesotans and we will squeeze every good day like a juicy lime. Squeeze that baby right into my gin and tonic since I'll soon be drinking scotch and soaking in a tub after eating stew.

You see what I'm saying? Ha!

So, this past weekend Pup and I were scurrying around the manse, working on the many chores and projects that are never-ending when you are a homeowner (do I hear a condo calling me? Hmm? Listen hard!)

Here is what I did.
To truly enjoy this lovely vision, you need to remember what it looked like after my first step-painting attempt.

Uh huh. What.Was.I.Thinking? Whoo ha - ugly is ugly you have to agree.
Pup indulged me with the black door. I don't think he was totally convinced when I broached it originally, but he trusted me and he now says he loves it as much as I do.

I keep going places just so I can come home and enjoy how it looks!

*Post title from a novel by Ken Kesey.


deb-oh-rah said...

Oh, yeah, the black door looks loverly. WHOLE lot better.Color for the stairs fits the house too

Joann Mannix said...

Love the new look. The black door looks faboosh.

We Floridians feel the same way about our Fall. It's so fleeting that we enjoy every second of it. It goes something like this around these parts: Hot, hot, hot, about a week of crispy fall air then back to hot, then about 3 weeks of cold, then back to hot. That, in a nutshell, is our change of seasons.

R. Jacob said...

black is so cool!

Karen said...

BIG improvement. Big.

Sandra said...

Am loving the Indian summer. It's not offensive. It's a reprieve before the freezing our asses off weather hits. To think, last year this time, we had snow on the ground (I'm in Winnipeg, Manitoba).

PS: Love the comments you leave at my blog. You always make me smile. Ok, so I'm off now, I need to bench press my husband.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Love the new paint job!

We're having an Indian Summer here too. Was 109 degrees 2 Mondays ago, 58 and raining last Monday, and 85 degrees today. Will be 90+ by the end of the week. Weird weather but I'm lovin' it!

Deborah said...

Thanks guys!

It's challenging and a tad frustrating, because we will be adding a room onto the house (to the right of the picture) and then in a year or so we will be replacing the siding.

So it's baby-steps for now and try the best to make the house look as licious and luscious as possible.

Marla said...

It looks great! Love it!!!