Thursday, October 7, 2010

Macintosh Smackintosh

Big surprise - image stolen from internets. I'm a criminal.
Come get me. I can't outrun you.
 My Mac has now died.

I had my tech over yesterday (he has no web page or I'd totally link to him, he's been my Mac tech for nearly 12 years - yikes!).

After doing all his voodo whoodo and diagnostics and housecleaning his face got 'that look' and he said, "You know, this hardly ever happens with these little iMacs, but your hard drive is dying."

Deborah say wah?

Oye to the vey.

Poopy shitty.

Holy crapinoli.

Who's ass can I kick?




The best part (sarcasm?? hehehe), I need to take it to Apple. Yep, I have to schlep my Mac and it's power cord to Apple. I'd insert a well-timed F word, but if I start I'll never stop.

I'll eyeball the iPads I've been lusting for lately. Oh yeah, did I mention that my netbook took a shit as well? Uh huh. I'm the puter-death-ray around these parts. Pup grabbed his MacBook and hid it. Pussy!

So! It's all good. I'm on the Pup-spare in the guest room (damn PC - hate that clumsy, clunky, noisy thing), I have a mid-term to study for, and I didn't hit the bottle.

It's a good day!


R. Jacob said...

It is never a good time to have a computer die. At least you have a fall back place to go to. Ah the F word! It has it's place.

Marnie said...

Come on...drop the F-bomb'll feel better I promise :0)

Sorry about your computer.

Heff said...

I hate it for YOU, but I must admit, it's NICE to hear that a Mac is screwing the pooch. Poor ol' PC has put up with a bunch of mudslinging from Mac.

Joann Mannix said...

Whaa? Macs die? I didn't know it was possible? We are a Mac household. I've gone through some battery deaths, but never the Mac.

Even my girls' Mac never died. They infested it with viruses because they never did updates and went on all sorts of wonky sites and kept their Skype on all the time, which carries like the typhoid of viruses. It froze, but my hubs unfroze it and got rid of the viruses.

Here' s the only downside to the iPad: It's not very compatible to Blogger. I don't write posts on my iPad. I write them on my laptop. They have a blogger ap, it's just not that great yet.

J.J. in L.A. said...

I'm a PC chick all the way! Although, mine died a year ago September. I look at it as "Yay! I get to spend money!" which I (fortunately) never do. And Pup is too funny!!!

Deborah said...

RJ - oh so true.

Marnie - seriously girl, I can be a sailor if I let my guard down.

Heff - those mac people give the rest of us mac people a bad name! Why are most of them so arrogant? Does that mean I'm arrogant? ;)

Joann - I bet I don't get one. My tech said I'd more than likely need a separate keyboard. Ugh!

JJ - what did you get?