Friday, October 19, 2012

When in Rome

I've never been to Rome. Have you? It is definitely on my list. The whole of Europe is on my list. Especially Italy. Or London. I can't decide which I'd want to see first. I mean southern Italy I'm thinking. Apparently I just want me some pasta.

And that's only because I am not eating pasta.

What I am eating a lot of right now is Chipotle. I love that restaurant. Technically it is fast food, but the company model is they buy local when possible and definitely organic and use meats that are hormone-free. And you can customize your bowl. And it's delicious.

Bella and I volunteered last night and I bribed her to go with me to Chipotle beforehand. We were even late because of it. I had worked that day and hadn't really eaten anything.

The guys working the food were very generous with the vegis. And the chicken. And the guac. Mmmmm. Heaven for me. And a great choice when you're on the run. I am forswearing any other fast food. I don't really like fast food to be honest. Culvers has good soup from time to time. Pup loves to stop there after we've been to the gym so I usually get soup, tea, and maybe I'll eat one of his real chicken strips. Not horrible.

But the rest of those places - nope.

I read lots of my nutrition blogs and they have fabulous recipes. I have binders full of recipes (sorry - cannot get that off of my mind) and I do like to pull those binders out and cook on occasion, but the truth is I don't cook often. I know I've mentioned that Pup is not a foodie. In fact he's the opposite of a foodie. I do get bored with the limited options that he will eat and the real fact is I am not home much in the evening so not much cooking gets done here at Chez Emerson.

So I am figuring out how to eat out. I've talked about it before I do believe. It's hard to not overeat when you go out. So, I hit Chipotle a couple of times this week, went out with Pup and chose soup, and had breakfast out a time or two. Breakfast out is easy. But, still figuring the rest of it out.

So . . .
  1. The week went lickity-split. My daily list didn't get much of the original items checked off, but a few were added and checked off. It's a wash. Do you guys ever add something to your list just so you can cross it off? I'm a nut. Progression is my thing.
  2. A few times this week I started the day with bulletproof coffee. I'll post a recipe and links tomorrow.

Ooop, that's not bulletproof coffee, that's Andy Cohen. I love how he dresses and was making note of how he combines color and plaid often. I swoon for his fashion sense. Bella mentioned last night that she thinks my ADD is getting worse. This is a good example of getting distracted by the shiny. I worried for a minute after she said it and then decided it's fine. I yam who I yam. ::sheepish::
  1. Honestly? Feeling rather meh. I do not expect to always feel happy-snappy. I do prefer it though. I've always known I am basically a very happy person, but most that really know me would not mistake that for any kind of weakness. I really do not suffer fools willingly. I do suffer remorse from time to time though and then I say, "Blow me." No I don't, but you know what I mean.
  2. Supplements. I am losing my patience with myself. I need to take those supplements. Okay.
Party on my sugarless babies. Momma Deborah is swimming with the sharks of desire and doing okay. Still struggling with what 20 percent really looks like.


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T said...

Italy is on my bucket list too. It's at the top, in fact.

We don't have a Chipotles ... bummer.

Fast Food in general sets me up for failure, so I too avoid it.

Have a great weekend, you!