Sunday, October 28, 2012


A week! A whole week!

Busy. Just like everyone else. Busy, and frankly, not good. Not a good week. No specific bitching, but let's just say, not good.

Kinda feeling like I was feeling last year.

Well, maybe not this bad. Or yes, this bad.


Just reading that t-shirt design is making me laugh, so it can't be all that bad! I never did order one. I think I should rethink that decision.

Good thing I'm a laugher. Is laugher a word? I don't think so. Regardless, that is what I am. Even in the state I'm in I was laughing quite a bit at The Turnstyle yesterday. It could have simply been hysteria. I'll go with entertained. If you can't be entertained, then you may as well bench yourself.

Okay - this post is self-indulgent. I like it! I feel better!

What is your challenge from the week? What got you out or in a stuck place. I'd love to hear.

Smooches all of my lovely and loved peeps.


Karen said...

This storm has me crabby with a weather headache.. Hoping it passes us by with not much fanfare.

What's getting me out of the crabby?.. not much yet.

David Macaulay said...

eek sorry about the week - go with the t-Shirt although you might want some kind of crabby face image on there too. Hmm seem to spend most of my life being escape motivated - right now could use some kind of canoe to escape being holed up in the storm lol :)

Ms. A said...

I sit around this house, pissin' and moanin', all the time. Hubby finally having a day off work to get me out of here, helped!

T said...

The ability to laugh and entertain oneself, despite the crabbiness, is what we all should aspire to.

When I'm pissy/crabby, I "turtle up." Withdraw deeper into my cocoon. I need to keep my neck stuck out there and find humor in it all somehow.
Like Deborah.

Today has been a perfect day to catch up on rest and stay snuggled in my cocoon. Happily!

So. Cal. Gal said...

I call it 'easily entertained'. : )

My latest challenge is my health. What makes me it better is that my guy always makes me laugh. The other day, I was feeling really crappy and I told him so. After we got off the phone, I realized that I was feeling better.