Monday, October 22, 2012

Bad Romance

Actually, bad headache. Bad romance just sounded better didn't it? I just - this minute - watched the video. This song was way better in my memory. That's how some things are! So I won't be linking it. Lucky you!

This was a BAD weekend. The whole thing. It's done now and yay! I have today off and maybe I can play catchup for a bit.

I don't get headaches as a rule. Mostly this is true.

One day a few months ago I had an episode of flashing lights in my eyes. Pup gets these frequently and they always lead to a migraine for him. So when I had this happen I braced myself. But I only had the flashing lights. Which is VERY disorienting.

Last week while working with Bianca Jagger (Alli-Baby's daughter) right when I was checking in for my shift I got the flashing lights. It starts out with a visual tic - the one where if you stare at a graphic and then look away it looks like you are still seeing the graphic. I'm not certain if I'm describing it clearly, but I bet we've all had that experience.

This time it looked like this:

So creepy! It lasted about 30 minutes and left my head feeling like I had HAD a headache, but I hadn't.

Friday night - no sleep. None! Flashing lights that turned into a killer headache. An all day headache. I had a full day planned. Had to cancel all of it. Sad!

Yesterday - worked. Just a dull pounding where the headache had been. Totally doable.

Slept finally - woke with totally different type of headache.

Holy Hannah! Look at all the headache bitching I just did. I am wondering if it's just adjusting to the new everything with fall hitting and the weather being different and simply being more sensitive to all of these things. This may be the thing I hate the most about getting older. Developing all of these sensitivities that I was just oblivious to in the past or I am turning into a wussy. Feel free to substitute a letter if you will. Heh!

So - bad romance with my head.

I'm drinking my coffee and planning my attack for today.

Think about me!


Edit: I was just scrolling through a couple of past posts and saw that I did have a headache earlier in the week. I am stuffing them down! I swear I do not get these often. 


T said...

I wouldn't take it lightly. Could turn out to be something substantial that needs addressed.

Bummer that it robbed you of your weekend.

Did you eat or drink anything unusual, food/drink allergy related?

Feel better soon, girl.

Bonnie said...

FYI, I get those flashing lights and then a bad headache that lasts at least 24 hours (that nothing can cure) due to MSG overload! I don't think it's a migraine-level headache, but it makes me feel crappy. The eye dr. told me it is a spasm of the ocular nerve, very similar to "auras" that some people get as a pre-cursor to a migraine.
A homeopathic dr. suggested this, and it has worked for me: pills called "Chem-Defense" that I buy at Tao Foods. You let 2 dissolve under your tongue, sometimes I do another 2 within an hour or two. It's supposed to cleanse your liver and contains molybdenum, L-glutathione, and riboflavin. I try to take this ASAP as I see the auras, lay down for 30 minutes, and sometimes take Excedrin, or etc. as well. GOOD LUCK!