Saturday, October 6, 2012

Some Days Are Just Like That


It is Saturday! Pup and I are going to see a play tonight with some dear friends where I'm certain I will not be able to speak tomorrow because I will be laughing and talking too much tonight. Oh and, yes, there may be alcohol involved. How do I know this? Have you met me? You can't see it right now, but I'm giving you a sly smile with my eyes - you know, the smeyzs.

I'm tempted to list all the 'things' from this past week, but on reflection they may only be interesting to me. I'll refrain.

Cuz you know I am way more entertaining in my head. Just ask anyone. Wait - don't ask THAT person. They might not agree! I'm not in the mood for disagreement. That's not true. Yes it is!


Some things are just best left alone.

I don't even have one phone-photo to share. I am still not in love with this Samsung Galaxy. I really am a brat. I just feel weird and awkward swyping away. I miss my thumbs. Although Lorenzo told me about an upgrade I can get on my iPad to make the keyboard behave like a huge texting surface. Love you Apple - you evil geniuses. They know what a girl wants.

So why am I yapping? I like to yap. You may have noticed.

The best thing about my yapping? Besides when I stop? . . .

I'm not going to tell you! You tell me! And be nice. Or not. I really don't care.

Smooches all of my weekend hooches. What's on your do-it list today?

Okay, I'll put this photo up of Carrie Bradshaw's closet. My dream closet. If I were closeted I'd never come out of here.


Anonymous said...

Carrie Bradshaw's closet... YUM! Oh to have it and to live the NYC life, even if hers was pretend. Can I have a re-do of my life and spend my 20's and 30's there pretty please!!

Ms. A said...

Heck, I'd just be happy to be able to get in my own closet. It's a disaster!

Enjoy the play and all those other things, except a hangover.

Karen said...

The best part about your yapping is... you are authentically YOU! Which is the best kind of blog, in my opinion. :-)

Sara Louise said...

Because I want Carrie's closet and since my house didn't come with any closets (not a single one!) I've basically turned my bedroom into one. My poor, poor husband :)

So. Cal. Gal said...

If (make than when) we met in person, you'd have to compete with me in the yapping department. Be glad you're in MN, VERY glad. ; )

T said...

The closet IS a dream. My dream closet has always included an area for drawers, a makeup area, a jewelry section. I don't like seeing makeup "stuff" in my bathroom, nor digging through jewelry and leaving it in a messy pile on the dresser because I'm running late and don't have time to reorganize it. CLUTTER.

And I agree with Karen. Your yapping is SO ENDEARING, and indeed it is the real Deborah. No pretense. Just Deborah.