Friday, October 12, 2012

Much Less . . .

. . . blabbering today.

Don't look so happy!

Despite the bad carb related headache earlier in the week, I'm feeling really good! I worked a lot this week so didn't get in any strength training. I will add that in next week. I don't work nearly as much.

I bet when most of you read that I'm working you think, "Big deal! I work!" Yes you do. The only difference is I work retail right now and am literally on my little hoofs the entire time I'm at work. Running here. Running there. And that's good. We even have standup desks to log pricing on incoming items. Again, this is good.

I've noticed that the primal/paleo influence is hitting main stream offices here in Minneapolis. I saw a news report showing a company that had treadmill desks and standing desks. I don't know if I could personally concentrate while walking on a treadmill, but wth. Standing is good. Good for our bones.

I'm happy with my first week progress.

I'm unhappy with a couple of other things, but like a woman customer from The Turnstyle and I were saying to each other yesterday, why be crabby? Be happy. Doesn't mean you aren't feeling the pain of what you are going through, but why be an ass about it? I have an ass, but don't care to be an ass. You all can keep your opinions to yourselves. Ha!

I am grokking on.
ignore horrible insignia - funny nevertheless when you put my face there with no uniform

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T said...

Sounds good. Although it may not appear this way at first glance, you really do seem committed and motivated to this challenge.

I believe in you.

You can't have all happy days, all happy moments. The failures, the bad days, disappointments, they serve to make us stronger and more victorious on the Days We Shine.

Have a great weekend.