Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No Static at All

Think about poor Georgie today.

He slipped a while back and ripped out his knee. We've been monitoring it along with his vet and came to the decision that he needed surgery. He had it on Monday and, of course, when the surgeon got in there it was discovered to be entirely snapped like an old rubber band poor little dude.

They actually had to put a huge piece of hardware in his leg. He has a lengthy rehab ahead of him (Pup and I will be the therapists - aaah!).

He's such a sweet boy that even the surgeon loved him. Although when Pup brought him into The Turnstyle last week Shelly-Belly's* eyes got huge as silver dollars. I'm not surprised because I think she weighs about five pounds more than George does (she is teeny-tiny) and she told Nicolina* that George is "a scary f-ing dog." Wah?? lol

Pup has been a WRECK since this all started. He's a bad, indulgent parent. But it's kinda cute he's so concerned about George. He even asked me how I could stand it when the girls were young and sick.

Yeah . . . do you have hours to listen to stories? hehehe

I'm not a worrier. Not much anyway. I usually fall apart after everything is over. During the crisis/trouble/sickness I'm there. Ministering, nursing, swabbing, cleaning up. Then I crumble - just a bit.

Ask my first Wasband - one time Lorenzo flipped her car on a winter highway. She flipped it over into a snow-filled ditch. While we were driving to get her I turned to my finger-pointing Wasband and said, "If you say one bad word about Lorenzo right now I will punch you out. Don't play with me. I don't want to hear an f-ing word." And to his credit, for once, he said nothing accusatory.

Pup can't stand all of this. Not only did I wake up to see him sleeping on the floor with George (he said George was crying in his sleep) I even caught him letting George be on the sofa.

Nope - he cannot be on the sofa.

So Pup is getting Georgie a new bed today and that's all good.

Smooches all my hooches and do think about Georgie today.

*Shelly-Belly and Nicolina are two of the women I work with.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Pup and would totally be spoiling and sleeping with Georgie. I can't stand for my pets to cry or be in pain.... :-( It breaks my heart. Our dogs sleep on those orthopedic beds from Petsmart and they are so big that I can curl up with them when I want to. Also put a blanket on top of their beds so they can nest if they want to. :-) I'm a sucker when it comes to their needs and comfort.

Hope Georgie heals up quickly... poor guy.

Ms. A said...

OH.NO... poor Georgie! Belly and ear rubs for that sweetie. I'm thinking about ya, Georgie!

Kelley said...

Awwww!! I'm saying a prayer for sweet Georgie. You named him Georgie. Love. That.

Karen said...

ooh, total bummer!!.. Hope George is back on the mend quickly.. poor thing.

You have me singing that tune now, don't ya know...

FM.. no static at all....

deb-oh-rah said...

How do you not fall in LOVE with your pets? I too slept on the floor with my kitty, Yao, when he came home from having his balls cut off. (I had never had a male pet, and was SHOCKED, DUMBSTRUCK with disbelief, when I found out that was what neutering meant. I thought it was like a vasectomy.) Such a terrible thing to do to my baby.

Get well, Georgie. (He isn't trying to get up the stairs, is he?) And I feel for you too, Pup.

silvergirl said...

oh poor georgie, he needs some doggie signatures on his little cast!

So. Cal. Gal said...

Oh boy, can I sympathize! Not that I'm calling myself a dog, of course! : P

I hope George heals FAST and feels better SOON!

T said...

Sorry to hear about poor George and his debilitating injury. It OBVIOUSLY is stressful for him and all those who love him.

Healing and patience to all of you as he recovers. Just imagine how much MORE spoiledl that puppy will be ... the silver lining of what he's indured.

Get well soon, George!