Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fake It Till You Make It

I'm in The Big Room, Pup's MacBook on my lap, clicking around my blogs, drinking my morning coffee.

I have to work at The Turnstyle later today so I'm enjoying my early time spent alone, fireplace on, Lorenzo's cat on my lap, mind spinning on what I could be accomplishing.

Not lying when I say I have projects, started for real and started only in my head. At this very moment, the house looks like an episode from Hoarders. And it's all my stuff.

A pile of ironing draped over a chair here in The Big Room, various scarves draped over the couch in the living room waiting for my approval to wear when leaving the house (really? they have to STAY there?), piles of stuff from our shopping yesterday still on the island in the kitchen, messy bowls and measuring cups from whoopie pie making last night (Pup HAD to have a whoopie pie pan from BB&B. I'm telling you - that recipe was complicated and I didn't think they were very good - SUGAR HIGH!), magazines strewn all over the desk next to the pit-couch where I sit in The Big Room. A mess. Not hot either. Just a mess.

But that's okay. I'll get to everything. I will.

Meanwhile, George knows what to do even while surrounded by his own mess.

Nap in the sun, close those eyes and relax, it will all get done.


Anonymous said...

Great photo depicting a cold day outdoors. Sorry you have a mess to deal with, we all seem to have days like this now and then.

Ms. A said...

Girl, you don't know what a mess is, until you see my house!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

I like George's attitude.

I have something kinda like this going on in my own house right now. It seems like we clean, and then things just multiply over night sometimes. How am I dealing with it? By making cupcakes and watching Puss in Boots.

So. Cal. Gal said...

What Ms. A said. I have 2 desks but can't use either one to write on (right now) because I have crap piled on both.

Shabbygal said...

Your space looks annd sounds very inviting! Love the fireplace. We ust lit our first fire of the season last night and it was wonderful! It will all get done! Traci

deb-oh-rah said...

I clean when guests are coming. And when I get a hankering to pick up a few things, there's a nice spot on the stairs that I pile things that have to go in the bedroom. And the pile grows. And grows. Finally, I'll take an item or two as I'm going by just to whittle the pile down a little. But there's always a pile.

Kristin said...

Have I mentioned that I love seeing pics of your house (and new room!). I can't wait to have the first fire in the fireplace this Fall!

silvergirl said...

messes and chores are always there waiting for us
take time and enjoy a little down time

Kelley said...

So glad I'm not the only one living in a Hoarders house right now! Sometimes I just don't want to deal with it. I wish I was a dog.