Friday, November 4, 2011

Hot Men Friday

 Jason Ritter

He looks a little bit like The Frito Bandito.

He's young - waaaay too young.

I had a similar crush on his DAD for crying out loud. Actually, I had a crush on all three of these guys. I wanted the hair on the right! And the ability to wear the shorts on the left.

But I find myself looking forward to watching Parenthood now and then to get a glimpse of him.

If I could find an 180 from the dark broody types I usually love to showcase here I'd like to see him!

But he's rather adorable and I'll look at him and stuff down the inappropriate thoughts. Ha!


The Empress said...

I know.

So young.


WOW..check out the eye make up on the girls with J Ritter.

Ms. A said...

Hahaha, you say these things out loud! I love it! Isn't he adorable!!!

So. Cal. Gal said...

The Frito Bandito. Hahaha!!! I can see it.

Marnie said...

I always love your Friday eye-candy! xo

Sandra said...

Yes, totally had a crush on Jack Ritter...and ya, Chrissy and Janet that I think of it, that show was all about threesomes, right!

Jaggerfan1 said...

Cool comment u left on my Ringo starr post. Yeah, he's pretty cool. I'm glad to see he's still around to rock and roll, lol. Yeah he's a pretty groovy guy, lol!!

silvergirl said...

OMG, I so love this guy!
I first saw him on Parenthood and then started following him and everything he has done
such a cutie and you are right, his dad was a great guy too

Not So Simply Single said...

Hey Deborah,

Thank you for your posts! I wasn't criticizing you, or slapping your hand. Truly. I would say the EXACT same thing to me if I were you.

Sometimes I just need to vent. Dating is tough, yet I know that someday my prince will come...just like he did for you!

I believe in love...sometimes I just get frustrated with the waiting part.

I have been single ten years now. Enough already. I have left every man I have dated in the last ten years... it's not fun, but necessary. I can't date men that are doing me wrong...

Blogging is healthy for me, it helps me vent without wearing out my girlfriends.

Again, thank you for your comments. You Rock!

Appreciate your husband for sure!


Not So Simply Single said...

This one does nothing for me....won't have to fight you over him. Although he does have a FABULOUS smile.

I am gonna check out all your fabulous men!