Friday, November 18, 2011

Hot Men Friday

Travis Stork

I work varied hours so I'm home at different times throughout the week.

And while working in my office I do like to turn on the television and sometimes I turn on The Doctors. The show kinda annoys me because I don't appreciate the "Doctor in a Box" type of show and the little doctor-bits they hand out are small and often old-science (really? you guys are still yapping low-fat? I thought we threw that away quite a while ago agreeing this is what helped make America fat? Or is it just me? heh!), but I enjoy looking at this tall, handsome guy and am quite relieved that someone this good looking is not my doctor. I couldn't handle that. Who wants someone this handsome checking out all of your lady-bits while laying there in not so flattering light in a not so flattering pose?

Not me!


Ms. A said...

Guaranteed to cause a racing heart, with a skipped beat, or two! No, I would NOT want my doctor to look like that.

The Empress said...

I have a doctor like that!!!

Exam time is like date night. xo

So. Cal. Gal said...

He's not bad but some of my doctors have been drop-dead gorgeous. I always worried that they'd hear my heart pounding with the stethoscope. Fortunately, only one did surgery on me and that was my knee. lol!

Not So Simply Single said...


Wouldn't mind cuddling up with him on a cold fall evening...

Even though I think he is foxy, but I would rather place doctor with Dr. Oz...

Just saying!

Have a nice weekend Deborah!


Deborah said...

Ms A - He really is nummy.

Empress - I really don't think I could handle it!

SCG - Aaaaah! Too good looking yes?

Lisa - Dr. Oz is a good doc and a nice man, but he doesn't do it for me. I don't know why exactly!

Karen said...

Yeah, I don't see it in Dr. Oz. either.. but THIS guy.... wooohoooo.

Sara Louise said...

He should be on Grey's Anatomy!