Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm a Believer

I went to a women's party Friday night.

You know the kind. The hostess gets a present and the larger the sales the larger her bonus.

Pampered Chef

My best friend was having it. One of her friends is a new sales consultant for Pampered Chef and my friend Reechie wanted to help her out since she's been having a rough go in her personal life. I generally would rather poke out my eyes with hot sticks before going to one of these parties, but I love my friend and applauded her desire to help her friend so I wanted to go.

What would I buy I pondered? I don't cook anymore. I have that husband that only eats four things and half of them don't need to be cooked. I thought there wouldn't be anything I would want or need.

But after a glass or two of pinot noir the need changed. I needed everything in the catalog.

Oh! Look at this cute as hell avocado peeler? I sooooo need that.
Hey! Is that a pizza stone? I know I have sworn off of wheat for the most part, but I can learn how to make gluten-free pizza!

Look at these adorable and tiny little glass cups with the pour spouts. There must be something small in ounces that I need to pour. SOMETHING!

I managed to spend over $100 on stuff I will enjoy. Don't judge. Sisters need to support each other!
I mean, who doesn't need a $40 glass bowl to put on her dining table?

BTW - I booked a party. The distributor was a darling girl and I want to help as well. I'm certain I'll be getting out hot sticks when the time comes so I can poke out my own eyes.



Ms. A said...

Get me some hot sticks, I'll help.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

If we lived closer, I would totally go. I usually stay FAR away from those hostess parties, but for some reason the Pampered Chef party environment really interests me.

Good luck on your sales!

So. Cal. Gal said...

Just the other day, I thought it would be fun to host a purse party. Then I remembered that my closest (in distance) friend lives 100 miles away.

Sarah said...

I felt the same way when forced to attend one of these a few years ago, but I've loved my bamboo spoons & my Onion chopper so much! Invite me maybe I'll be able to afford a new cutting board ;c)

deb-oh-rah said...

I HATE those parties. I try to get out of going, or I page through the catalog in search of the lowest priced item that I would hopefully be able to use.

But Deborah did jewelry home party sales when we were young'uns. I hosted one, served everyone ice cream White Russians. Sold a bunch that night. ;-0

silvergirl said...

have a few PC items
they are super durable and some of my favs in the kitchen

Deborah said...

Ms A - I have a supply in the closet just waiting for a light. :)

Lucky Gun - Truth be told, the party turned out so fun just because there was friends and wine involved. And shopping. A trifecta of fun.

SCG - Those purse parties were making their way around these parts a while back. I've never been to one.

Sarah - You are invited for sure! Especially with your burgeoning love of cooking.

deb - I nearly forgot I tried to sell jewelry back in the 70s. I was so poor! Liquor is always a part of these parties! For very good reason.

SG - Yes to that for sure. The stuff I have bought over the years is the most awesome stuff. I have an apple corer that is phenomenal.