Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blue November

Pup is showering.

I'm shaking off the morning's fog, red mug tightly clenched in right hand, warning anyone to try to take it. Take it and it won't be pretty. Take it and I just might bite you.

It's early, but not too early. I listen as both of the cats, the visiting one and the one that lives here, are scampering all over like their little arses are on fire. The scampering makes me laugh. I think to myself how I wish I were a scamperer like they are. It would be awesome to wake up and have that energy to scamper.

I check my calendar to see what is going on in my day. Several appointments. Spaced nicely. I must have been on my game that day, I think to myself. Usually I overbook, or forget the bookings, or wish I didn't have any. I love having calendar items, but love the days that are blank. Blank as my brain in the morning. Blank as my brain in the evening.

I look out the window on the November morning. I love the sky in the fall. That particular shade of blue is hard to pin down. Hard to remember in the cold of the winter and hard to appreciate in the smothering heat of the summer. The fall is the best blue. Trees reaching up towards that blue like they want just a little bit more of the sun. Just a bit more of that warmth. They know what's approaching.

No complaining though, I'm not! It's been glorious for the past few weeks. Sweater Weather we here in the north call it. Not cold enough for the damn winter coats we'll be wearing for months and months. I put off coat-wearing for as long as possible. Sometimes longer than I should. I just can't bear the thought of putting on that coat.

I look out the window again and see that the sun is coming up over our house and spotlighting leaves and bare trees and driveways out in my world.

Pup comes in the office to kiss me goodbye as he heads out to his seminar.

I take a huge drink of my coffee and think to myself, today is the best day.


Ms. A said...

Well, at least you woke up, liked what you saw and have that comforting cup of coffee. All I have is the coffee.

silvergirl said...

hope your day turned out to be a good one like you were anticipating!

Emmett Katherine said...

Sweater weather is the best! I'm loving the fact we can put off wintercoats for just a bit longer :) hope you had a great day!

Karen said...

I love this weather too... and the days when nothing in particular is planned or scheduled. Amen for those.

Great writing!...

Not So Simply Single said...

Hmmmm.... I wish I could be in the cold for a bit. However, I am sipping my coffee from my cat mug as I am writing this... Maui's weather is about 70 degrees this morning, but it is only 6:33am.

Have a beautiful day like you are: beautiful!


So. Cal. Gal said...

"Pup is showering."

TMI! TMI! ; )

I'm soooooo glad I live in So. Cal. because if I lived in MN, I would die.

Just. Die. lol!

I know a way to put off your winter coat-wearing days! Move here from November-March. Problem solved!

xoxo, sweetie!

Deborah said...

Ms A - I have a huge feeling this is not the case woman. smooches

SG - It was good. Thank you!

EK - Fall is awesome isn't it?

Karen - Thank you for that! It means a lot to me.

Lisa - You are the lucky and gorgeous one. I mean Maui? A place I will get to some day I swear.

SCG - Sorry for the TMI. I didn't even think it would bring a visual! ;)

So. Cal. Gal said...

Honey, the word 'caulk' brings a visual. lol! Growing up with brothers will do that to a girl.