Monday, November 21, 2011

Chez Emerson - More Projects

If bad decorating was a hanging offense, there'd be bodies hanging from every tree!
~Sylvester Stallone

We're into a mini-project here at the Chez Emerson. We finished The Big Room many months ago (photos will be coming - I'm promising myself even more than promising you), but recently had Pup's nephew, El Pintor, come to paint the trim around the windows (yes, we are slow as you might guess) and we found a couple of other things we needed done.

We had a mishap in The Den over the summer (a window air conditioner leaked upstairs and ran down into the ceiling - wah!) and the ceiling needs fixing. Then there is the ceiling in the one and only bathroom that needed some fixing. And then there is the ceiling in The Utility Room that needed some fixing. Lots of stuff needed fixing. And El Pintor is the man for the job.

And, I have to say, I feel badly for poor El Pintor having to deal with us! Pup is not the best communicator in the world (huh!) and I never know what's going on or when El Pintor is coming.

Cut to Saturday morning. I've been having super bad insomnia (old story yes?) and hadn't slept but three hours the previous night. So when Pup got up he came into the big room to hang out with me and we wound up watching Lars and the Real Girl (good movie). We were looking pretty fumpy and still in our jammies. Suddenly we heard the back door open and there is El Pintor! I screamed and ran for cover shooting Pup a death stare.

Pup had told El Pintor to come and had promised we'd have The Utility room emptied and ready for him. I did not know any of this. :)

Put El Pintor is such a nice boy he totally worked around our ball-dropping. He's a good boy. And a very hard worker. The ceilings everywhere will be lovely!

This entire process has motivated a redo of The Utility Room. It's horrible and a dumping-ground for anything that doesn't have a real home.

I'm gathering inspiration everywhere.
This is what I'm dealing with!


Pearl said...

Oh, what I would give to have a washer and dryer in my second-floor duplex (and not in the basement!)


Sarah said...

The last inspiration pic must be a serious shop-ahead-of-time person--did you see all the ribbon on spools, just waiting to wrap presents of all kinds? I bet she curls the extra ribbon with a scissors too.

So. Cal. Gal said...

Those pictures are phony. No utility room is THAT tidy. Our washer/dryer is on the service porch and...let's just say it's a good thing that they're both front-loading.

So. Cal. Gal said...

And I love Lars and the Real Girl! Ryan Gosling was soooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey Deborah- I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award today!
You can go here to get more information:

Hope you are doing well! We miss you on R&T.

Ms. A said...

Heck, yours that you say needs redoing, looks WAY better than mine! I'd be thrilled with yours.

I Wonder Wye said...

It's a pain in the patooti to go through it but once you are done, it's so wonderful to have a house that works for how you live. Good luck...

Sara Louise said...

Love your inspiration photos. I think you'll be able to transform your room quite nicely. Can't wait to see the after photo!
p.s. Love Lars and the Real Girl... such a sweet movie!

Not So Simply Single said...

Great pictures, I like two and six. How fun to gather all that inspiration... I grew up with a Dad that was an architect and Mom that was a realtor, so we always were looking at homes. Architectural Digest was our main magazine.

Hope you have lots of fun with that project!

Happy Thanksgiving!

silvergirl said...

great quote, can't believe it came out of Stallone
laundry rooms are great and the thing they all have in common is that they are all clean!! ha

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Deborah said...

Pearl - but I bet those stairs are great for the glutes!

Sarah - wouldn't that be kind of awesome though?

SCG - I can see keeping a room that tidy. But I'm a nut.

CT - thank you!

Ms A - I'm lucky to have a room like this. It just needs some sprucing.

Wye - I know you are right. It will be so spiff.

SL - inspiration photos are the best. I do it for everything I do in the house.

Lisa - that must have been great! I love love love decorating.

SG - Stallone is a painter - who knew? More behind the muscles than I would have imagined.