Monday, November 28, 2011

Blog Keeping Today

You know how it is.

There are dust bunnies all over the place around Fashion Plate (yes, I realize that dust bunnies are not bunnies, but actually our skin, but I prefer to not think about that. YUCK!) and thought I'd drag out that lovely Riccar and clean up the place for me and you!

I'm on it!


Not So Simply Single said...

Come to my house next...with three cats I can make dust bunnies out of cat fur...seriously!

Love that picture! Meow!


Ms. A said...

My dust bunnies are bigger than that litter of adorable kitty reeplacemints! You can help me next.

Karen said...

LOVIN the new blog look!!....

We're not gonna talk about dust bunnies out loud around here. I just tell them to keep to themselves at night.

Kelley said...

Ha! That poster made me laugh.

Are dust bunnies really dead skin?


deb-oh-rah said...

Just talked to my hubby and he's bored and is going to start cleaning the house -- there are advantages to having your spouse on unemployment. :-) Dust bunnies be gone!

Deborah said...

It is true my own house is always a mess lately, but I was talking about virtual dust-bunnies!

You guys are the best.