Sunday, February 13, 2011

Till There Was You

I never accredit The Beatles when I use their song titles. Which I use a lot. I always figure everyone knows all of The Beatles song titles like I do. I think I may be wrong about that.

Say what?? I'm wrong?



Chez Emerson - flooring update
After several days of eye-watering and brain-damaging chemical smells, here is the floor. It is still to get the final coat and polishing (after we get the trim put up), but look how GORGEOUS!!
How lovely is that? I am swoony a bit. Swoony and loony, but I am LOVING my floor.

We went with a low-grade hickory to achieve this look:
This is Tigerwood (yeah, I found the name funny as hell as well), but it was very expensive. Out of our budget expensive. The woman at our floor guy's distributor helped me come up with a cost-friendly solution. Hickory was more expensive than oak, but truly got me the look I was going for.

I am in LOVE!


R. Jacob said...

Love the floor! I love the wall trim even more. It is giving me more ideas. groan.....

Snappy Di said...

It's beautiful! Reminds me of our re-do of a house in Maryland. We laid oak floors ourself... a ton of work, but nothing beats the beauty of wood, does it?


Pearl said...

I LOVE hardwood floors and have them in my house (all but a bedroom and the bathroom) and those floors, my friend, are just gorgeous. Love the look of hickory!


Kathy said...

Gorgeous is right!!! New *friend*!!

Karen said...

I heard that Tigerwood is very hard and durable.

Yeah I know that was terrible.

Karen said...

Oh, and the floor look AWESOME!! Great job - wood floors are the best.

Marnie said...

Now that's a floor to be proud of! I love hardwood :0)

J.J. in L.A. said...

Gorgeous! But I have to admit to loving oak floors.

And I know hardly any Beatles song titles. They just don't float my boat. Pink Floyd, on the other hand...

deb-oh-rah said...

WOW!! Can't wait to see the whole room done!

T said...

The floors are beautiful. We had hickory floors when we lived in Virginia...and I miss them to this day. They're high-shine, knock-down beautiful.

Happy for you. :)

Cheeseboy said...

I remember when our floors looked like that 6 years ago. Time to call that reflooring guy.

I know a few Beatles lyrics, but a whole log more Led Zepplin lyrics. Not sure what that says about me.

silvergirl said...

Love your floor
Want to come right over in my socks and underwear and start singing Old Time Rock and Roll!!!

Daisy said...

GORGEOUS floor!!!

Tigerwood~ BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I adore the Beatles!!! I fell in love when they arrived in the USA in February 1964 (47 years ago) and I still love their songs.

The Katzbox said...

love it! Floors that beautiful add elegance to any room they're in. Stunning!!!!

xoxo, Deb

Sara Louise said...

Gorgeous! I'm sure you will be very happy with your new floor, I know I would be :-)

Deborah said...

RJ - since you work in a home improvement store I bet you are constantly getting ideas yes?

Di - we're so lucky because Pup has relationships with tons of contractor-type dudes. I have a crush on our floor-guy.

Pearl - I know the neighborhood you live in and I tried like HAIL to move there or to SMpls. I wanted a charming older home like that!

Kathy - thank you! I love them.

Marnie - I love looking down the hall and seeing these floors. Makes it so worth it!

JJ - not everyone loves The Beatles as I do.

deb - I can't wait either. Thank you!

T - I knew NOTHING about hardwood floors when we went looking. I only knew what look I wanted. Good thing peeps know their shite.

CB - floors look good as they get some age on them too yes?

SG - you are so funny!

Daisy - you and me girl! Remember watching them on The Ed Sullivan Show??

Deborah - thank you so much!

Sara - I so love them. I'm getting boring with my floor-love.

Danielle said...

Beautiful! They remind me of the floors from my childhood dance class.


ooh, this is absolutely gorgeous. My hubs and I are looking to do hardwood, will have to look into this one. Love, love it! Great choice. xx veronika

Deborah said...

Danielle - dance class! I bet that was such fun.

Girl - I look at this floor every day and love it!

Marla said...

Absolutely beautiful!!