Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feb 16, 2011

I've been reading different blogs all over the country and it looked like many places were experiencing a bit of a thaw.

When I left the office the other day (I am doing some work for Pup) I thought the air felt a bit balmy. Holy Hannah I guess it was a bit balmy!
Yes, my outside gauge actually reads 58. This is mostly interesting to peeps here in Minnesota since last week the temperatures were below zero.

I'm not a fan of the February thaw. It plays with my emotions and gets me thinking Spring is in my future. It will be a while. Quite a while. I really shouldn't be with other people in February since I'm such a little joy to be around.


I was stopped at a traffic light in case anyone wants to call me out. Heh! My phone really isn't that grubby although I just had to have white didn't I??


Karen said...

We've got 50 degrees and mud pits everywhere. My black car is grey. And.. it's warm enough to sport a t-shirt and I am NOT happy with the roll, you know the one I'm talking about. *sigh*

I'm on a diet. Thank God spring is still four weeks away - nuff said.

Marnie said...

The weather was very warm here on Friday. I didn't have to put snow pants on my daughter. Then on Friday night we got a terrible wind storm. Branches were everywhere on the street Saturday morning. It's now getting cold here. It will reach -20 sometime this week. I feel your pain. I got excited too.

J.J. in L.A. said...

It was raining here last night. Lighting, thunder, hail. It was 57 during the day and 43 last night.

My MN cousin's family left Hawaii yesterday and are currently in AZ, where the mom lives in winter. I hope it stays 'warm' in MN til they get back home. ; )

Shabbygal said...

I'm trying to stay calm it was warm here to but I know spring is a ways off! I need to go on a diet too like Karen winter has put a few extra love rolls. Traci

silvergirl said...

It has been fabulous here over the weekend. In the 70's no less.
I am like you though... please stop teasing me and then have the temps plummet again.
It happens every time!

R. Jacob said...

It appears the snowshoes have reappeared?

Deborah said...

This is the weird time for weather. It's crazy all over!

Marla said...

I really like this crazy photo. How cute are you even in bits and pieces!