Friday, February 18, 2011

Hot Men Friday

Jose Maria Yazpic

I netflixed The Burning Plain. Such a good movie. 

I hadn't seen this man before. I hope I see much more of him.


Snappy Di said...

He's a keeper.... love his honkin' big nose too.


J.J. in L.A. said...

Put sandy blonde hair on him and he looks like a cousin of mine. lol!

Kelley said...

Some of those pictures: "Ohhhhh, yeah!!" Some: "Hmmmm"

You are so funny!

T said...

The first photo.


He's a hunkster all right.


The Katzbox said...

Yea...who is he? And I love men with big noses...what's THAT about? They're so secure with that big thang hangin' off their nugget....

yea...I'll call my therapist now.

The Empress said...

No...I feel so bad to be so superficial..but...No.

I don't know, once you've had can you ever EVER go to anything else???


silvergirl said...

I never seen this dude!
Is he a Spanish superstar?
Hot and Sultry!!

Deborah said...

Di - you are a lover of the nose? Swoony yes?

J.J. - I want to see this cousin.

Kelley - the first one yes?

Tpretty - you get it! He is truly hunkalicious.

Kat - you too?? We need to start a club.

Empress - You are a stickler!

SG - I really don't know much about him. We need to see him in more movies.

Danielle said...

You and your nose fetish. **shakes head while saving a copy of first and second pic**

Marla said...

Again....clueless. I might need to get out more.