Thursday, February 10, 2011

Maxwell's Silver Hammer

These floor-boys are seriously cute. Like a little more dust is going to make a hill of beans difference.
After all, my fridge is in my dining room! Ha!


R. Jacob said...

closer to the beer!

Karen said...

I think it looks good in there!.. One time we were having a bedroom addition put up in our old house - and I went out for the day. The guys never put up plastic to seal off the rest of the house when they were cutting sheetrock all day.. and... there was SNOW EVERYWHERE, ON EVERY SURFACE.. when I came home. I ran through the snow to the upstairs where they wer eworking and they said.. OOPS. I cried.

Sarah said...

I especially love that they wrote it all on your cute daisy-paper.

You know how there's a show called Tabitha's Salon Takeover? There needs to be a show that has someone keeping contractors in line, so they remember to do stuff like put up plastic or write cute notes.

Maybe Josh & Shawn could do it?

silvergirl said...

Ah Love notes from the floor guys
So sweet

J.J. in L.A. said...

Too cute! No one wrote us notes when they did the kitchen.

Now I'm sad.

Marla said...

What nice floor boys. You have the fridge I am contemplating purchasing. Do you love it?