Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why Did You Buy Me That?

Who hasn't gotten a ridiculous gift over the years?

I had a sister-in-law in my past life that was the QUEEN of weird gifts. Like the see-through bathrobe in neon green she made my wasband; never did figure out what the hell that fabric was.

Or the broken plastic clock shaped like a piano? That was spiff.

I am only picking on her because - well - because she's in Missouri and she's an ex sister-in-law.

Check this out! Hilarious!

Thank you deb-oh-rah for this. I laughed myself tearless.


Karen said...

OMG, a framed pic of David Hasselhoff with puppies. Really??..

David L Macaulay said...

Ha funny Debroah - she's an ex-sister in law and live in Missouri; two good reasons to pick on her. Good luck with the interview. Hope you get a private plane.

Pamela said...

I love that site - I could spend hours on it looking at all those crappy gifts. I've gotten some duds but nothing like some of these (nor the see-through green bathrobe - yuck!)

Lo Lo said...

I never heard about the bathrobe! LMAO!!

Ca88andra said...

I've had some presents over the years that I've asked "why" silently... but never something as awful as those you've described!

silvergirl said...

That website is a crack up
Sent the link to a few friends.

Sara Louise said...

I'm still trying to get over the fact that she 'made' a bathrobe. Who makes bathrobes? And for men?
That website is hilarious! :-)

J.J. in L.A. said...

A frog purse? Why would you want that? Even if you LIKED frogs???

The worst gift I ever got was Norman Rockwell border paper (the kind you put on a wall where it meets the ceiling). I got it from my dad because "I know you love Norman Rockwell". Personally, I think he got it to piss mom off because I live in her house (as if I'd actually USE it). lol!

Heff said...

Speakin' of laughed, that "two in the Busch" line was pretty funny !

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Deb.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Am I the only one who thinks the fly swatter is both cool and practical?

The Empress said...

Luckily, I come from a long line of family cheap ass that won't spend a penny on something good much less something silly.

SO, I never have stories to share.

Can't even imagine having the cash to spare on that.

Merry Christmas, to my wonderful bloggy buddy.

Peace to you in the new year.

Deborah said...

Karen - Secretly, I want one of those.

David - Missouri used to feel far away, not anymore yes?

Pamela - It was a lovely bathrobe I have to say. Nope!

Lo Lo - Ask your dad about it! LOL!

Ca88 - You are a lucky girl.

SG - It is!

Sara - Who wears bathrobes? Well, that's not true. I wear one out to the spa tub.

JJ - so you didn't hang it? ;)

Heff - Once in a while I get a zinger. Not often.

LBB - Ha!

Empress - you just may be the luckiest of all in addition to the fairest in the land.

Marla said...

I should have never checked out the site. Now I have to go get the rest of the family so we can sit for hours going through it at the kitchen table. Now that is real down-home Okie fun!