Friday, December 31, 2010

Hot Men Friday

The new year is nearly here.

I'm excited for the new year. I feel very sanguine about the coming year. That all by itself is a pleasing feeling (More than a Feeling - sigh - I still love Boston). I haven't had that particular pleasure for a bit of time. So,

"Hello delight - where the fuck have you been? I've been very sad and lackluster without you."

As most of us bloggers/writers know, even though we share a slice of ourselves to anyone who stumbles onto our blog, there is, like an iceberg, much more below our surface.

We don't really know what motivates some bloggers to be endlessly entertaining, we don't know the creative force behind some of the brilliant fashion and decorating blogs out there, we don't entirely know the process behind those thoughtful and provoking blogs we love, and we don't know what could motivate a blogging-asshole. We just don't know. We think we do. But we don't.

For instance, the face I show here in my blog is a mostly happy face. I am mostly a happy girl. With that is the mostly dark girl as well. I kinda like the dark girl, but I never want to foster her because, truth be told, she can scare the shit out of me from time to time.

So, on this forum, for me, I let the happy girl out. But never confuse upbeat with weak.

We bloggers are a convex and rectilinear sort and to ever assume you can know what to expect - well, that could get your arse in a vice. That's what keeps me coming back. Isn't it fun not really knowing?

Happy New Year my friends. I am embracing the great and gristle. It keeps it interesting!


Chris Noth
I have a thing for big, dark, men. I kinda love a bit of fluff and especially love a goofy grin and broody face. That juxtaposition sends a Bullet to, if not my heart, then someplace I can't talk about here. Yes, I said it. I'm not ashamed. Don't lie peeps, you all do it too

I am a great big Sex and the City fan. I own the deluxe boxed set and love to pull out episodes from time to time. Some of my favorite scenes are with Mr. Big. I loved it when his tanned, smooth, brown, and a tiny bit hairy, chest would be in Carrie's bed.

I'm enjoying The Good Wife for his good guy persona and the underlying bad bad boy that he's trying like hell to squash.



Karen said...

I have always loved Big. When he walked into the closet with Carrie.. I did a happy dance.

Imperfectly Handsome and rogish.

Anonymous said...

He's pretty dang yummy.


Marla said...

I have never seen either show. Yes, I do live on the moon as a matter of fact.

Happy New Year Girlfriend!!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Always preferred Big to Aidan. That's just how I roll.

Kelley said...

He is quite the handsome man (said in my mother's voice)! I know what you mean about bloggers and the motivation behind their blogs. I have ALL SORTS of thoughts, but I just make my blog upbeat. I don't want to go into deep conversations about stuff on my blog. My blog is an escape for me and I hope it is a place that people like to come for humor. I feel like if I let myself go off on a tangent x, y and z, my blog would be a mess. I guess it already is... Oh, well!

Happy 2011!

Sandra said...

That pic of Chris with SJP made me horny a little bit...
As for the blogging assholes, who and where are they? I'm sometimes up for a friendly back-and-forth with those!
Great post though Deb. Loved the introspection. Glad you show us the happy blogger. Leave the darkness to Voldemort (yes, I just saw Harry Potter, forgive me, I'm slightly obsessed at the moment.)
Happy New Year!

R. Jacob said...

what makes a blogger blog? Interesting post my dear. We all have our ups and downs don't we? When things are deep and dark for me, a poem pops up, words tearing me apart inside. I try to be funny, I tend to look at things from my perspective, but very much respect the opinion of the women writers I follow. I love music as my many video posts will show. Sometimes I surprise myself, other times, yea, I could have done better. But at least I try, and hope people stop by!

J.J. in L.A. said...

I started a blog because I had a great vacation in MN (2008) and wanted to remember it in detail. Who knew I'd be where I am today?! : )

I never watched SATC, mainly because the only character who didn't bug the crap out of me was Charlotte. lol! It was on before Friends and I would always catch the last few minutes.

Shabbygal said...

Yay! I just got sex and the city on dvd for Christmas!So I may have been holed up watching it for awhile. Sigh. I'am so falling for Big again he is so yummy! I hear ya about the dark sided girl mine scares me too! Traci

Pamela said...

I've contemplated starting a totally anonymous blog, but I think it could get way too dark and not at all pleasant for anyone else to read. So I try to keep it mainly happy, with a little venting thrown in here & there;)
Great pics btw - I never really thought of him as being hot, but I have to admit he's holding up very well!

The Empress said...

Oh, my blog, my blog.

I wish someone would tell me what to do about my blog.

Sigh...can you come over and hold me?

Deborah said...

Karen - that closet comment made me laugh for some reason! The thought of Big going "in the closet" just made me roar!

Di - Yes, yum!

Marla - trust me, you do not live on the moon. {smooches}

LBB - Ha! Seriously, when are you going to shot-gun some of your funny into me?? Come on!

Kelley - YES! An escape. Just a place to get some stuff out, but not ALL the stuff yes?

Sandra - Aaaaaahahaha! You are awesome. Right up there with LBB!

RJ - yep, trying is the thing

JJ - is that right? I love that!

SG - Are you watching it yet?

Pamela - I know! Once you start down the dark road who knows what could happen?? I don't want to do it either. Scary!

Empress - But we all love your blog!

T said...

Hadn't started following you yet. Here's as good a place to start as any.

Purely entertaining.

Powerpuff Guy said...

Was Carrie played by Sarah Jessica Parker?