Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What's on My Phone?

From this past week.
in my house
adorable cutie working at the Target
Pup making supper. Can you see his helper?
grain-free, low-sugar cookies I made - numsies!
finally finished - #slowmofo
Pup and George enjoying the news


Marnie said...

I love pictures like this...kind of like a day in the life of Deborah :0)

Karen said...

Fun post! And, you gotta love a man who will cuddle with the dog on the recliner. Your kitchen is awesome! And you've done a great job with modern decor.

Joann Mannix said...

Those cookies look delectable. And your kitchen, divine. I love the sweet Target cashier and the cozy snuggle of man and beast. Great shots.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

i spotted pup's helper. but it took some nose-to-screen searching.

Heff said...

Nice pottery, lol.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Those cookies are bomb. Pretty tree, too.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of the guys in the recliner together. That's how Hubby sits with our boxer pup, Rowdy. So cute!


Shabbygalsnest said...

Great pics! Your house looks great! I love the fact that hubby and the dog snuggle that is so cute! Have a wonderful day! Traci

Daisy said...

I LOVE your pictures!!! I particularly love the pottery. Your dog is such a handsome boy.

Pamela said...

I love your house! What a gorg kitchen - you should see mine right now - in quite the shambles.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Is that Target worker wearing an oxygen mask???

And was Pup's 'helper' the gray cat sitting on the bar stool? lol!

Jennie @ Modern Mamaz said...

That is one good looking dog! Is it a boxer?

Ca88andra said...

Beautiful tree, delicious looking cookies (will you post the recipe?) and a man in the kitchen - what more could you want?

silvergirl said...

Great photos
Your dog is so handsome and regal looking!

Deborah said...

Marnie - photos can be fun yes?

Karen - George thinks he is a lap dog. All 80 pounds of him! Thank you for your kitchen-thoughts. You opinion is special to me.

Joann - the Target cashier touched my heart. She was simply adorable.

Lucky Gun - Your comment made Pup laugh pretty hard! The cat thinks everything is about him. Ha!

Heff - don't be jel!

LBB - at least the tree is real uh huh! Sucking water and losing needles. That's what Christmas is to me.

Di - your little guy is so adorable!

Traci - In truth George lasted sitting there about 5 minutes because he gets too hot I think. But he's an attention ho so he tries and tries.

Daisy - thank you! I am becoming obsessed with the random pottery I am finding.

Pamela - thank you! I'm watching over at your place. You're going to be so happy when it's done!

JJ - yes she is! And working like a trooper. I love her.

Jennie - George is an American Staffordshire Terrier. I've had him since he was a pup - found him at a rescue. Who could toss out an adorable puppers like him??

Ca88 - I know! I was swooning a little. He doesn't do it often, but when he does I love it so.

SG - he is a handsome dude isn't he? I love that dog.

Paula said...

Great picturea!!!! Each and every one of them are precious. Thanks for following my blog, I'm following you too. Hope you have an awesome Friday!!

Marla said...

Love George and the kitchen helper. Too cute!