Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Can You Pass Me That Toilet Paper as Long as You're Here?

sittin in a motel in san antonio got smokey joe fired up

Search phrase used last week to find my blog.

Makes me wanna go RVing!
We're now seriously talking about this. We've done Mexico a few times; lovely lovely. But we both realized that neither of us has seen much of the U.S.

Our family camped a lot when my girls were small. Lots! I loved camping!

Bella was trying to get me and Pup to come to the Barrons (I think it's actually the Barrens, but that makes me sad) and I said I don't tent camp anymore (I need a bed and a washroom). She thought me ridiculous.

Nope, just not 20 something. It hurts to sleep on an air mattress! And when I have to pee, I don't want to have to get dressed. Peeing is the hardest part of camping. Where? How? How many mosquito's will I wipe off my ass before pulling up my pants?  Will anyone be watching?
Years ago when our large group camped my friend (I won't out you) had to TAKE HER PANTS OFF every time she peed in the woods. Yes, OFF. She just couldn't get that lean-against-a-tree thing working for her.

One of the creepy guys found out about it and hmm . . . every time she had to pee, so did he.

Aaaaah, good times.


Heff said...

You Tube search "Winnebago Man".

He'll give you a good deal, and a laugh, lol !

Sarah said...

Hey, now we have the portable toilet seat that fits on a bucket!

It's like all the comforts of home, except you have a gorgeous view, mosquitoes can plague you, and instead of flushing you shovel dirt onto your bidness when you're done. Oh and hand sanitizer instead of a sink & soap.

What's not love? ;c)

deb-oh-rah said...

You've heard of a tilted uterus -- perhaps there's such a thing as a tilted urinary tract. Can't get the flow going in the right direction. LOL!!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I'm with you. If I enjoyed sleeping in a tent, I'd join a tribe and change my name to "Wipes with Leaves."

No matter how much you love nature, by the end of the day it's better to wash in a bathroom and sleep in a bed.

J.J. in L.A. said...

We used to camp a LOT when we were kids but my mom always insisted on campgrounds with restrooms because she wasn't going to go 'commando' in the woods.

Ca88andra said...

My idea of camping is lazing around the pool at a 5star hotel...

Deborah said...

Heff - Winnebago man is so funny! I nearly felt sorry for him after awhile.

Sarah - I have the bug bit time now baby-girl.

deb - ah huh. :)

LBB - we've all heard the stories of what can happen when you wipe with leaves. Could get ugly.

J.J. - did your momma have to take her pants off in the jimmy john??? Oh dear!

Ca88 - That can definitely be fun. I think we've done that quite a bit and are now craving some of this and the family fun it could bring.

Marla said...

I am so with you on the peeing thing. This is why we now have a 5th wheel in our 50s.