Monday, December 6, 2010

What's on My Phone?

I was clearing my phone off this morning because it was bugging me and beeping at me that it was full (annoying - figures right? BTW - I can hear you, I'm sitting right here.).

Here are a few examples of what I felt was important enough to get a shot of. So arbitrary!

Lorenzo's cat DK in her new bed
Pup still in bed - on my side - look at that mess
helpful boy from gaming store - we bought many nerdly games
new bedspread - I kept it

annoying cat shot of cat annoyed
weird supper I had to share with Lorenzo - spam and cabbage, ack
another cat shot - oh oh, jeez louise that is a bit pathetic hmm?
George pouting because we won't let him out to play with the construction boys.


Joann Mannix said...

George is gorgeous.

Your shots look like mine. The random things that speak to you. I especially like the helpful boy flexing his muscles. I would too, ask him for his pic after he helped me. I'm going to see what random pics I have on my phone now. I'm sure I've got some doozies.

Lo Lo said...

I do believe the DK shot is compliments of me- I too have many random photos I feel the need to take wherever/whenever! I must get it from my Momma??

I love the new bedspread!! So you! I’m sure bonus-Dad just loves it! ;)

Marnie said...

I LOVE that guy from the game shop! Looks like he's got a great sense of humor.

Being an animal lover, I love the pictures of the cats and your dog :0)

deb-oh-rah said...

That bedspread looks identical to my winter bedspread, same color, quilted!

Daisy said...

LOVE your pictures!!!!!

Sandra said...

You take more pictures of your pets than I do my kids...either you're weird or I'm neglectful...let's not answer that :)

R. Jacob said...


quick check your bedroom. That is your bedspread!

Deborah said...

Joann - George is gorgeous. He's the best looking dog you'll ever meet.

Lo Lo - It was from you!

Marnie - That guy from the game store really was the best. He actually told us that all employees have to know or learn how to juggle! Talk about fun on the job.

deb - That's pretty spiff.

Daisy - you are a sweet woman.

Sandra - well, maybe weird, but mostly pathetic. I have a serious case of empty nest and the girls been gone a while! Yes, I have become that woman.

RJ - I know! She could have told me!

Deborah said...

Daisy - invite me to your blog. I'm nice, I promise!

Marla said...

I'm laughing because we take the same shots.