Friday, December 17, 2010

Hot Men Friday

Denis Leary

I'm usually not attracted to 'gingeys'. I will make an EXCEPTION for this hunky guy.

Who doesn't love a smartassy, funny, naughty, kind, hot man with great hair? Even if it is red?

And he's tall and lanky. And all smartassy. LOVE HIM!
hello hot arms - will you hold me?
hot man in suit
hot man not in suit


Marla said...

I never realy loved him. I think he reminds me too much of family. I tend to want to punch him.

David L Macaulay said...

I'm sure you don't find him nearly as hot as Conan O'Brien...

Heff said...

"Hunky" ? He doesn't even have enough meat on him to make the patty for a McRib sandwich !!!

The Empress said...

You know what? He does it for me, too. And if you take apart his parts, he really shouldn't rock my boat.

It must be the bad boy I sense in him.

But,yeah, I"m not into gingeys, either...but this man? No problem.

Deborah said...

Marla - no love for the Irish? ;)

David - it's true. This guy does not have that handsome shank of hair that bobs and bobs. Uh!

Heff - definition of hunky according to Merriam-Webster: attractive and usually well-built 'the film's hunky leading man.' Are only big guys well-built? Nope.

Just like little breasts can be good breasts. Not that anyone in my family would know about that.

Empress - yes, he's bad and good all at the same time.

Karen said...

NOW we're talking :-)

Shabbygalsnest said...

He's not bad to look at but sometning about his voice just rubs me the wrong way. Traci

R. Jacob said...

Now where have I heard that word before? ha ha

Anonymous said...

Hey Deb, when are you going to start including the order number on Hot Men Fridays? I'm getting tired of the "look, but don't touch" thing.


silvergirl said...

Never really thought of him as a hunk before, but some of those pictures really show off his hunkness! (new word I just made up)

Sandra said...

I have to say I find it pretty sexy too...and really, what guy isn't sexy in a firefighter's uniform with a great sense of humour. During foreplay he could do his stand-up act.

Kelley said...

You really help me see people I would never say are even cute in a different light. Maybe, just maybe, you're right! I probably wouldn't go as far as you in the compliments for him, buuuuuuut, he does deserve a second take at least. :)

Deborah said...

Karen - wouldn't he be a blast to talk to? I mean for real. Yes, and that.

Traci - well, you don't have to talk to him; Karen and I will. Ha!

RJ - Where?

Bonnie - I'm working on it, but Amazon has these unfair regulations like taking people against their will. Of all the noive!

SG - or hunkiness yes?

Sandra - he can stand there and role play with me. I'll be on fire and he can rescue me.

Kelley - good things come in all packages. Or is it packages come with all things? Or good things have packages? Something like that.