Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Really Got a Hold on Me


I have a few. Lie! I have millions. They vary, randomly and needlessly. Obsessions don't mean you really WANT the thing although some of them I wouldn't kick out of the car. Obsessions make my world go around. Keep my pencil sharp. Keep me dreamin' baby.

Mmm and nummsies! Sophia Coppola AND Louis Vuitton? Swoon and forget it girl. At $3,700 this will not be happening. How unfair to price that bag that way! -sobbing-

Okay - maybe I'm not obsessing over this one. Every damn woman has this damn bag. Although the one in Damier wouldn't be bad. And at $750 or whatever it is at least it's reachable.

I have this one so I'll quit bitchin'. Pup got it for my birthday a few years ago and it's lovely! Awesome! Love it!

I scored this little lovely a few months ago from a consignment shop. Fell in LOVE with its awesome yellow and purple. Louis! I really do have a sickness for Louis. I will resist the Neverfull. Yes I will.

How adorable is this Winnie? Awww! I am craving RVing around like mad. I'm a Cancer and like to nest and Pup is a bit that way as well. We're thinking we are going to start traveling this way rather than hotels. I never like hotels no matter how lovely. I want some of my STUFF around me. Throw the 70s in there and I'm unnaturally happy.

Not really, but you have to admire its 70ness. No? Oh come on! Admit it!
Michael Kors - does anyone make women look better than you?

I am finding little chunks of pottery everywhere I go. Love these and can't resist. Adorable yes?

Paint colors are ruling my world right now. Den of decisions! I curse you.

How awesome would something like this feel? Yes real fur. PETA can shoot me. Oh wait - am I an animal? Ha! Don't judge. Do you eat chicken? Beef? Pork? Wear leather? Own a down coat? I live in Minnesota for cryin' out loud. If anyplace should be allowed to wear fur, it's here. Nuff said.

I played with the iPad, but this little devil made me fall in love.

Rocks! Rocks rock. I want some rocks. I want to hunt for rocks. I want to have them. I want to be like Lucille Ball in The Long, Long Trailer.

Holy crapinoli - this is awesome. I want it. Don't worry Pup, we already bought a sofa for the den. It's normal looking.

But that won't stop me from getting lamps. I know just where to go! Oh the lamp-woodies I will be having!

These are awesome. And have a convenient stretch panel for my enormous shapely calves. Kisses Kenneth Cole!

Oh Wolf! I love you so. Can you forgive me if I wind up with a Kitchenaid? BTW - LG YOU TOTALLY SUCK and so does your customer service department. Bite me in the knobs!


Karen said...

LOL.. you know you're nutz, right?

I have a wolf, it is definitely awesomeness.

And I might just be the only person on the planet that doesn't like LV bags. Admittedly I'm not really a bag person anyway... but... the design is plain and bland and the colors are just... I don't know what I'm trying to say.. unattractive, muted? And the PRICES ARE RIDICULOUS!!! You could feed a family for months for the price of one of those bags, who are they trying to rip off??.. and WHY!?..

I would love to go RV-ing too, I think it's an awesome way to travel and get to see the country. I hope I can convince my husband of that some day. I say go for it!

And this is your blog, so I should really stop taking pot shots at your bag admiration :-)

Marnie said...

I love your choices. Your style is spot-on!

R. Jacob said...

locked in the 70's? It's ok, we still love you!

Heff said...

Yep, you ARE nutz, lol !!!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Like that iPad, huh? Yeah, so do I.

Buy the boots!

J.J. in L.A. said...

Cancer babies ROCK! July 12th here.

And screw the 70's ; ) - the 80's also rocked! High school years.

I love to travel but you'd never get my @$$ in an RV. Especially one decorated in lime green. lol! Sorry.

Hey! When you get yours, come to CA!

Shabbygalsnest said...

I must confess I have a lamp fetish too! Maybe a couch fetish too. I have been known to have three different couches at once. Oh well a girls gotta have dreams! traci

Kelley said...

Ha! I really loved that 70's picture of Winnie. I loved all the pictures, though. You made me feel all fashionable.

Deborah said...

Karen - You can say whatever is on your mind! I know I am crazy, especially for the handbags. But girl, you are WRONG on the Louis. ;) and JK

Marnie - you are a darling girl.

RJ - Not really, but yes. And the 60s. And the 50s. And today. Maybe not so much locked as loaded.

Heff - It's not lonely in here though. I have lots of company. Ha!

LBB - I am going to resist on the iPad and wait a bit.

JJ - I already told Pup all the places we have to go. Your place is definitely on the list!

SGN - lamps!

Kelley - I'm not kidding about that Winnie. I am on the hunt. For real.

Marla said...

Are we sisters? Seperated at birth? Sharing a brain? I mean, seriously!

Daisy said...

I LOVE that pottery.