Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Really Minnesota? This Shit Again?

Former Sen. Mark Dayton held a razor-thin margin over Republican Tom Emmer early Wednesday in the Minnesota governor's race, virtually assuring a recount.

With fewer than 20 percent of the state's precincts uncounted, Dayton held a lead of less than half of 1 percent over Emmer - about 9,000 votes, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Independence Party candidate Tom Horner was third.

Recounts are nothing new to Minnesotans. Al Franken's 2008 Senate victory over Republican incumbent Norm Coleman was subjected to a rancorous recount that landed in court and left the seat vacant for eight months.

In the governor's race, Hennepin County officials acknowledged a problem in uploading some votes, which for a time gave the appearance that Dayton had more votes than he should have had, but said at midnight that the problem had been resolved.

Are they serious? With all the applied science available, this is what happens? Again? I'm beyond disgusted.

And, if the DFL party calls me ONE MORE TIME I will hunt them down like a fat corn-fed deer and grill up their flanks on my Smoky Joe. Seriously! I swear our phone rang ten times with volunteers urging us to vote. I voted people! I did!
I am glad there was a great turnout. This is fabulous. The fact that they cannot handle the volume speaks volumes.

Gah! Where is my tequila!


Karen said...

It happened here too. *sigh*

Ask me how much I hate politics.

R. Jacob said...

We don't need a tea party, we need a tequila party!

One tequila
two tequila
three tequila

Heather said...

I would love to hear how that turns out.

We had calls for the school board then emails to apologize for the calls.

It got to where I couldn't anwer the phone or open emails!

deb-oh-rah said...

No matter which party you favored, all of the calls, emails, mailings, commercials and constant news was maddening. And it'sso frustrating to think, make that KNOW, that nothing will change in Washington.

And now that the economy is improving, the Republicans have come back and can take the credit 2years from now.

J.J. in L.A. said...

I didn't get any calls because I don't have to house phone. Yay! But someone posted a "Go Vote!" message on my Facebook wall. I deleted her @$$, pronto, because I don't need a babysitter. I voted, dammit!

Not that it did me any good. We now have a governor who we had in the 70's and he was a dipshit then. But the younger voters weren't alive back then and don't realize what a wank he is.

Kelley said...

Your whole tone just made me laugh! The corn fed deer part was my favorite. You're right- the fact that they can't handle the volume speaks volumes!

Heff said...

Happens ALL OVER, and it's utter B.S.

Marnie said...

I'm not an American, but I've been following what people have written. Sounds very frustrating!

Ca88andra said...

We will have a state election at the end of the month. My letter box is filling with unwanted propaganda. Just stop already!!!

Deborah said...

Karen - How is it being handled?

RJ - I have heard it called 'tekillya'.

Heather - I'm guessing the approach works because it's used so much, but please right?

deb - The economy is improving? I've been hearing the opposite. I know that the gov wants us to believe it's getting better, but it isn't.

J.J. - Now that's kinda funny. Not for you guys, but it's amazing. Of course, look at the power of Palin. Good grief peeps are ignorant!

Kelley - At least I could get some good venison steaks out of the bargain. ;)

Heff - Such total bull I agree.

Marnie - It's ridiculous here yes?

Ca88 - Not very green of them is it?

Marla said...

We have an unlisted number and they STILL call.