Monday, November 22, 2010

Within You, Without You

Every Thought That Crosses My Mind
I know a woman that said, not necessarily to me, but to the world at large,

"Why would anyone blog? Who needs to publish their every thought"?

I internalized this, as I do everything, and gave it a place in my brain.

Which immediately made me realize if I published every thought that ran through my brain I would never leave my desk, I'd have to buy a Jimmi-Jane for over-caffinated days, have my meals brought to me, and I would lose the use of my limbs from nonuse.

I'm dangerously close as it is, but my pointy-point is writers do not write their every thought. But I'm here to guess that bloggers/writers have more than the average amount of thoughts running through their heads.

I'm also aware that I can have two (maybe more, who can pay attention?) thought-threads running around in my brain at the same time. This bugs me to no end.

Just one thought for one day from one woman.

I'm a Blurter
At times I will say out loud the thing that is in my head, maybe not fully formed, maybe not ready for prime time, maybe not appropriate.

At times the blurts are amusing. At times insulting. At times conversational. At times confrontational.  At times thought provoking. At times simply annoying (told ya).

If ever I would consider a mood-leveling drug, it would be to stop the blurts.

So - are blurts a type of truth serum? Are they simply done to self-promote? Done to self-sabatoge? Done to draw attention - wanted and unwanted?

Falls right in with the extroverted introvert thing. Draw attention to the fact that you're uncomfortable and not wanting attention.

Figure that one out and I'll kiss you full on the lips! Even if you don't want that kind of attention.

Are you a blurter? Are you thoughtful or thoughtless? I'd love some thoughts on this! Ha! Seriously, I would. Let's get inside each other's head for a hot second.


Heff said...

Personally, ALL of my posts take great amounts of foresight, LMAO !!

Shabbygalsnest said...

Well I like to think I'm thoughtful but i can be a blurter too. Sometimes I think where did that come from? I'm thinking it and all of a sudden I'm saying it! I find it gets worse with age maybe you get tired of wanting to always say the right thing? Good post! Traci

Daisy said...

I try to be thoughtful and careful what I say, but occasionally a blurt just blurts right out. I can't help it. Especially if someone has ticked me off and backed me in a corner. I can let lose without any thought.

J.J. in L.A. said...

I keep a lot of thoughts to myself. Mostly because it's usually an uber-sarcastic comment and the recipient would probably slug me.

I even gave up my Twitter account because I had nothing (nice) to say. ; )

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I believe that if you studied bloggers as a class, you'd find a brighter and more creative group of people. I don't know if they have more thoughts than non-bloggers, but I know whatever thoughts they have are more interesting.

Karen said...

Jeez, if I blogged everything I thought about I'de be arrested or divorced or both!

I'm curious to know who feels this way, someone famous? Hey, newsflash... if she finds blogging offensive..she, like.. NOT READ BLOGS?

I think blogging is a wonderful way for people to stay in touch with distant family, share ideas, recipes, projects, meet new people , see new places and be creative! What's not to like?

deb-oh-rah said...

I am such an introvert. A lot of the time I feel like if I say something it will be the wrong thing. Or I feel that I need to think about it, and I don't and feel like I should have and the moment is gone. Or I think of something brilliant I could have said. Damned if I do, and if I don't. Such turmoil.

Marnie said...

I most often keep my thoughts to myself...however the times I have blurted something out...I'm often told by others that's what they were thinking So it can be a good thing ;0) Great post.

T said...

Blurting is a double-edged sword.

I plead guilty.

Yep. I do it too.

But I think God knew what he was doing when he made me a court reporter; we aren't given an opportunity to speak. We have to sit, be quiet, listen, preserve.

Oh how it makes me squirm at times...when I REALLY would rather BLURT something.

I likely make up for it at other times though. The control is hard for me, but I'm working on it.


Blogging? Blogging is automatic entitlement to blurt. If the reader doesn't like what they read, shoo! Move the heck on.

T said...

Just stumbled on this site.


Marla said...

I am a blurter. I now, big surprise, right? And as far as the blog writing/reading thing: ummmmm, yeah, I flush crap that has been fermenting in my brain out into blogdom because it really is all about me. If it bothers people, well, that's just an added bonus. I know, I'm bad. :-)

Kelley said...

That lady at the beginning is really annoying me. So judgmental. She's obviously saying that SHE keeps a tight reign on her thoughts and doesn't feel the need to tell everyone about them. That's probably because she has boring thoughts. I hope she's not a close friend? If so, I'm sorry for lashing out. :) I guess maybe I am a blurter... Hmmm...

Ca88andra said...

My readers should be eternally grateful that I don't write down my every thought! Sometimes I blurt, sometimes I manage to shut myself up in time!

Deborah said...

Heff - we can tell! And we love it.

Traci - I've been like this all my life. aaaaah!

JJ - but that sounds perfect for Twitter. Come back!

LBB - Yes to this - and they (us) can get the thoughts into writing. Not all can do that. Of course, I know people that can't form sentences with their mouths let alone a keyboard.

Karen - nah, she's just one of those women that says black when you say white; up when you say down. You know the type.

deb - oh yes to this. I have the 'should-have-saids' as well. blech yes?

Marnie - I like that!

Tpretty - That's the kind of job I need.

Marla - but your blurting is funny! And entertaining. I like it.

Kelley - I would say you've hit it. This particular woman does have a few issues. Poor dear! We could straighten her ass out yes? heh!

Ca88 - I have to admit, I like blog-blurting. BTW - I love your new avatar. Beautiful photo.