Friday, November 26, 2010

Hot Men Friday

 Jon Stewart

 Sexy, smart, funny, great hair, short, nice, family dude, Jewish, love him.

I could watch the Jon Stewart channel all the time if there were such a thing. And I kinda love that a certain demographic (not sayin') thinks he is the news. Love that! That's okay. Maybe he is.


This is long, but sooooo worth a watch.

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R. Jacob said...

He is very good all the time, seems impossible but true. His opening segment is must see TV. A very good choice on this (burp) after(groan) Friday(squeak) Thanksgiving(sniff) day!

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

He's funny.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Jon digs Apple, huh? Who knew? Funny clip.

Sandra said...

He is sexy...I had never thought about it.
Although you kind of lost me with the pic of him with kids. Celeb men totting their children just doesn't turn me on. Brad Pitt completely lost my love when he hooked up with Angie-Baby!

Marnie said...

I've always liked him. He's hilarious! Now, that picture with Colbert is priceless. That's another good show.

I find it amusing to that it can be interpreted as the news :0)

Heff said...

Ok, he IS funny.

The Katzbox said...

Oh yea...he's sexy...and funny...and bright...and Jewishy...but I am too, so if it's genetics does it count?

I love those pictures, especially the ones of his family.

Also, he's edible.--->blurted before thought out. :)

Love your blog.

Kelley said...

I've never thought of him as hot, but you're making me look at him in a new way. Maybe you're...right?

Ca88andra said...

I've never heard of Jon Stewart! Is that bad?

Blasé said...

It's a lovely day today!

Deborah said...

RJ - I prefer him to all the other evenin-dudes and dudettes.

LBB - I agree! Do you dig Apple?

Sandra - Are you saying your hubbins isn't sexy? ;)

I know what you're saying, I once had a HUGE (innocent) crush on a guy that was helping me and my wasband build our house - the fantasy died one day when he told me about his wife and kidlettes. Hard to have a crush-boner when they're all in love with the damn wife. Harumph! -^^-

Marnie - Smart men really get my crush on. No lie. It trumps pretty every time.

Heff - Heff? Heff? Is that you?? If you've hurt Heff I'll . . . why I aughta . . .

Deborah - Yes, genetics DO count! Deborahs obviously have fantastic genetics going on. Just sayin'.

Kelley - Serious? Mwaa!

Ca88 - U.S. TV guy. He really is worth a listen if you can Hulu or Youtube any of him.

Bman - Well dude, I'm happy for you.

Marla said...

I am such a freaking conservative that I just hate to admit the truth. I like him!