Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Accountability and Challenge

I am doing my final here at home today.

In class yesterday we were all talking about our different test-taking styles and it was discovered that about half of the class would prefer testing in the classroom and the other half would prefer testing at home.

I am testing at home! Eee gads and awesome. The exam is online and open book, so what difference does it make? I'm so happy.

When I am taking a test I'm good until that first person turns in their test. Then I can't stop thinking how I may be the last one standing (sitting?). The brain starts giving me background noise and I begin losing focus.

Yes, ridiculous. Who cares if you're last? Tell that to my brain.

Wish me luck. I'll be locking myself in a bit later in the day.

I am also beginning a personal fitness challenge, but I would LOVE anyone who would care to join me.

Goals are simple; pick whatever goal it is you desire. Mine is eating mindfully and daily exercise with a weight-loss and fitness goal in mind. I have a gadget on the right for my tracking. Does anyone know of a spiff tracking gadget we can use?

Begin it to win it!

I'll host a cyber-party for all peeps that join the challenge. Ideas are encouraged!

Here are a couple of my favorite links for help.

Mark's Daily Apple

Kelly Olexa

Brad Pilon
Let's kick it and get legendary!


Marnie said...

I'm glad you have a choice on where you can take your test. Nice!

Karen said...

Oh,if ONLY I had a choice on test taking locations back when I went to school. You kids have it made now a days :-)

I need to get back into some sort of decent shape... not sure how to join you, though.

Shabbygalsnest said...

Hi Deborah, First of all congrats fellow newlywed. Thanks for the kind words. I would love to join you on the get fit goal. I too have been trying to figure out how to get motivate3d to eat better and exercise more regularly. I go through phases where I will be faithful for like 4 days then back to my bad habits. So count me in I just need to do it! Traci

Heff said...

TITTIES !!! I...I....

I forgot what else I was gonna say....

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I used to freak when others started handing in their tests, too. I thought, Shouldn't I be done by now? What am I missing?

My fitness goal is to look like a Jersey Shore guy, only not as dago-ish.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Open book AND at home? Sweet!

If I could've done that during my college Algebra finals, I wouldn't have had to write the answers on my forearms.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

www.dailyburn.com is a great site to track your intake. my coworkers and i went a couple weeks to see who could have the lowest fat/ calorie/ carb intake.

i'm sure you'll be shocked to know i came in last place.

R. Jacob said...

I think Heff said it best. Titties!!

What was the question?

Deborah said...

Marnie - Me too!

Karen - I took a couple of half classroom/half online courses last year and took both finals at home. I still was a nervous wreck.

Traci - Oh yay! I need someone with me!

Heff - Only the best for you.

LBB - Nice goal! Those abs are scary good.

JJ - Yep to the open book.

Lucky Gun - You are perfect already! And a young us. But I'll check out that site. Thanks!

RJ - You boys!

Marla said...

My goals right now are to keep breathing and get well. After that, the skys the limit.

The Empress said...

I need to do this.

I just do.

Need to do this.