Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ironman 2

This simply struck me funny. And I know a few select places that cone could go, but I won't go all salacious on anyone's ass. So to speak.


I saw Iron Man 2 an hour or so ago. Loved it! When I bought print at my last job one of my vendors could NOT believe I thought Robert Downey Jr. was hot.
He is smokin' in this movie. Lots of candy for Pup too.

And Mickey Rourke, you are the MAN!


The Empress said...

Was it that good?

I love RD , I had heard Mickey Rourke and Gary Shandling had some bad plastic surgery done to them.

I'd like to go see this...thanks for the push in that direction.

Ms. Anthropy said...

I'd go for Robert!

Karen said...

I'de go for RDJ too.. but Mickey Rourke? Really? He is just strange, what the hell did he do to his face?

Deborah said...

Mickey was great in the role, but he and GS look very weird! Very Burt Reynolds-like. Yick!

In fact, I didn't even recognize Gerry Shandling.

I truly liked the movie, but I really love movies in this vein like The Matrix that have all kinds of spiff technology. For that matter, like all Bond movies. I love gadgets.

Marla said...

I love going to the movies.... eating popcorn and candy ..... smooching in the dark.

It's all good!

Danielle said...

Me love RD!!!